Mysteria Adventure-11

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Apparently the game has been automatically translating their four languages this whole time. However, the lack of a language barrier isn”t stopping “Cynthel” from saying anything about who he is. He hasn”t even told the others his name yet.

The proverbial AoA nerd, Leon, has been keeping other important information from them. Apparently it”s not that difficult to change back into your real self in the game. The two problems with these “Origin Masks” is that they disable your player abilities, and they”re super expensive. Well, at some point soon, they”ll be able to change back to normal at least part time.

Who knows, “girls?” Maybe these armor “upgrades” will eventually cover you up more? How about you try upgrading all of your armor and see how that works?

Yuzuki has to go through the embarrassing process of teacher her brother how to walk in heels. It then occurs to her how strange it is that Cynthel, a guy, has been walking in heels just fine all along.

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transforming my roommate-19

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s girls have finally blossomed! They”re now too big to hide anymore, so Jamie has no choice but to come to terms with becoming a woman

Jamie doesn”t mind how close she”s now getting to Scott, in fact she”s finding her roommate”s embrace to be just what she needed

Barbara”s here and it”s going to take a lot of convincing to make her believe what really happened to Jamie. Can Scott and Jamie pull it off

Just look into those big blue eyes of her, Barbara, you”ve seen them before. You”ll know who that blonde really is.

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Different Position Comics-91

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Happy 2015! Isabel finally reveals what Sapphires specialize in: motion-based magic. They excel in teleporting, telekinesis, and speed. One day Isabel hopes to reach their Bloodline”s Mastery Spell: Flight. With everything taken care of at the party, there are a few lingering questions left to answer…

Christina”s body is coming together, but still not ready. In the mean time, they still have a few unanswered questions to figure out. Perhaps Norah can help with this.

Norah will attempt to find out what happened with Chris by reading through whats left of his father”s memories. We travel back to a time when Nolan was still alive and Chris was a little boy. This is about to get sad, isn”t it?

To honor one year of Different Perspectives, the third comic series, Fractured, has finally been revealed!

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Mysteria Adventure-10

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Jim and Dave enter the to find things are going out of control.

Suddenly we find our heroes overwhelmed. Hikaru is cut down in his prime. With his sister crying over his lifeless corpse she- …wait, there”s no permanent death. Well that”s good!

A jet lagged party make camp for the… morning as they make their way to Capitol City. After spending over seven hours in the game, how has Hikaru and Yuzuki”s parents not woken them up yet? Neither has anyone Leon or Cynthel live with. Perhaps something is preventing them from being forcibly removed from the NVR.

Hikaru is still getting used to the whole “living as a girl” thing. If the likes of Jamie, Blake, and Eva can used to waking up with boobs, you can too, Hikaru.

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transforming my roommate-18

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Jamie”s hair is finally done and SHE looks more gorgeous than ever!

Jamie weighs her options about giving up his futile attempts of hiding her femininity. But first she must deal with all men that are now taking interest in her.

It might be starting to sink in for Jamie. He”s now a she, and she is going to have to start living as a woman.

Jamie”s had enough of her terrible day and just wants to go to bed.

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Different Position Comics-90

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Chris is finally let free of his prison when Isabel decides he”s had enough punishment for his mistake. On the positive side for Jessica, she can now take his place with Fransisco, and Chris has set up a date between them. If things work out with those two, Jessica might end up very grateful to what her brother did for her.

Isabel is (ironically) the one doing the scolding for the rule breaking of magic. She”s surprisingly effect at it too, as if it”s happened to her in the past. Even if Isabel is harsh at times, she”s doing this for his own good because the next time could have results far deadlier than someone turning into a cat.

Chris is finally back to normal, and Isabel decides to stick around for the New Year celebration. With both of them dressed like that and hanging out together at a party, Chris better hope Holly doesn”t show up to see what looks like a date.

In a moment between Chris and Isabel, she reveals she doesn”t get along very well with her own kind, especially those are her age. She actually appreciates Chis because he acts like a non-blood and has little knowledge of Arcanic culture. So far, they get along well as tutor and student.

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Mysteria Adventure-9

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The party doesn”t realize yet what that mysterious man in the Grey Mask has done. Hoping that their families will unplug them soon, they head off for Capitol City.

Meanwhile, the people in Star Reach Studios are trying to figure out what the hack did and how to fix it. After explaining things to the boss, Dave tries talking Jim into them playing the game…

Jim has a little fun customizing his character…

One thing”s for sure, the NVR system gives you a way to experience things that you never would have been able to do otherwise.

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transforming my roommate-17

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Jamie and Scott Wake up to see that both have one more stunning change to add to their list.

Jamie”s hair grows much longer, so he heads out to finally get it cut and finds himself at the mercy of a hair stylist that thinks he”s a woman!

Jamie”s too embarrassed to own up and say that he”s actually a man, although I doubt that the stylist would even believe him at this point.

Jamie”s new golden locks are coming together nicely. As the hairdresser works her magic, she makes Jamie”s cheeks turn bright red with some girl talk.

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Different Position Comics-89

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Jessica is causing more trouble for Jessica by clawing him toward Fransisco. If being tied up with a guy on a couch wasn”t enough, a pissed off Isabel got his voice mail.

Isabel is here to save the day, but at this point is that something Chris is looking forward to? Being stuck next to a guy at a party, or a pissed off witch. Tough choice.

Sure Isabel can go in there and help Chris out, but she wants to make sure he doesn”t break rules again (for everyone”s sake). A little witch trickery can go a long way.

With a little mental influence from Isabel, Fransisco really wants to dance. Chris is left with little choice knowing the situation he”s in. Will Isabel keep messing with Chris, or finally let him off the hook and help him?

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Mysteria Adventure-8

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Cynthel comes to the rescue by slicing off the hand that was all over Hikaru”s body. With the asshole vanquished, our Moon Elf is thankful to the mysterious Sun Elf girl- I mean guy

Blue and Red team up for the sake of sticking together in an increasingly dangerous game while they wait for rescue. Hikaru learns that Cynthel is a fellow guy stuck in a girl”s body. You”d think that they”d identify with each other over regretting their decision and hate being in a girl”s body, but Cynthel actually doesn”t mind it. Huh.

Hikaru introduces Cynthel to the group back in Rivertown. After they agree they should head for Capitol City, Hikaru has a… wardrobe malfunction.

Hikaru”s armor upgrade finds a way to raise her armor rating while also increasing the amount of skin is exposed. She should totally upgrade her armor again as soon as she can. Leena”s midriff aside, *someone* has found their way into the game…

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