Mysteria Adventure-22

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Hikaru and Leon only now notice that there was a certain Sun Elf who scurried of the shop like a frightened crab two pages ago. But that”s not important now! Yuzuki looks amazing!

Cynthel gets to meet what her group looks like IRL. Hopefully we”ll see her use an Origin Mask soon.

Nick ponied up for a really nice hotel room for them before they head off to face the Death Boss

There”s group member number four transforming back to normal. Cynthel, rather predictably, dodges when given an Origin Mask herself. Oh yeah, and there”s a bit of a sleeping issue for their room.

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transforming my roommate-30

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie and Scott have completely swapped heights from where they started. Scott”s now the big, tall hunk, and Jamie is the delicate beauty. How will their friendship change as the two become increasingly attractive?

Jamie has a close encounter with her roommate when Scott tries to sooth her anger. His innocent embrace makes her cute blush come back, redder than ever. She composes herself quickly, but could this be a sign of this to come?

It”s hard enough for any man to restrain himself around a bombshell like that, but she”s even more tempting now that her body is on display in a low cut top and skin tight shorts

Jamie”s accidental sexiness has caused her to take another step towards complete womanhood. She”s still not quiet there, but she”s getting very close now

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Mysteria Adventure-21

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Some words are said, but no one notices that part of the page when there”s naked boobs everywhere

The party gets all new sets of armor, and Leon”s got some special gifts for everyone!

If you paid attention to the name of the chapter, you”d know that Leon”s gift is a pack of Origin Masks for everyone to share. Now we can finally see everyone as their real life selves inside the game! Time to meet the real Leon!

Hikaru and Yuzuki are back! Well, at least until they need to fight again. Hm, it didn”t take Leon long to change his focus from “Leena” to Yuzuki. Hey, at least one of them is real.

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transforming my roommate-29

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Jamie is ecstatic to not just get an interview, but to have one with an employer that”s better than her old one. She”s getting interviewed by a young man, so Barbara thinks that spicing up her outfit will give her an edge over the competition. Will Jamie go for it, and what does Barbara have in mind?

Just when you thought Jamie couldn”t get hotter, Barbara turns her outfit up a few more notches. High heels, long flowing hair, a cute skirt, and a figure to die for. I think she”s as good as hired.

Jamie would never normally wear heels or a skirt, but needing a job is forcing her to do what she doesn”t want to. Now that”s she tried them, maybe she”ll realize it isn”t so bad.

When above average temperatures strike in early spring, she has to resort to the more revealing clothes she”s been avoiding.

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Mysteria Adventure-20

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A verbal (and literal) smack-down by Yuzuki has knocked some sense into Nick that this is a gravely serious situation, and his greediness has just lead to a real girl getting kidnapped or worse. Wanting to make amends for what he”s done, Nick offers to join the party and help them fight the Death Boss.

Welcome to… Gall-ah, Gall-ee-ah-din, Gally… uh, a Moon Elf city, where the growing party meets back up with Cynthel. With a million gold to spend, it”s time for some shopping!

Everyone is shopping for their new epic armor when Yuzuki reminds her brother that he still needs a bra. How Hikaru has to do something he thought he”d never do: bra shopping with his sister.

Break out your boobies! It”s bust measuring time!

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transforming my roommate-28

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Jamie and Barbara makeup over their fight and reassure one another.

Jamie gets fitted for a suit, and looks fabulous. She”s increasingly open to wearing women”s clothes, and is ready to try on her first pair of heels.

Jamie takes a big step towards womanhood as she slips on a pair of heels for the first time in her life. She”s as clumsy as a newborn deer, but luckily she has Barbara to teach her how to wear heels.

Whether she realizes it or not, she”s starting to gain confidence in herself. Just as she starts getting used to walking in heels, she gets a call from a potential employer.

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Mysteria Adventure-19

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The party meets SouthernThunder69- ahem, I mean Nick, and make him an offer to join their group to fight the death boss. However, a wild wanted player appears!

The party finds the wanted player. She claims she doesn”t know why she became one, but says it happened after she died. Now to decide if they will help her or turn her in.

Rather than respawning at the nearest graveyard, Cherry Blossom respawened at the place she was killed. But that”s not all, it seems we know for sure who is putting out these bounties. Why is Grey Mask doing this?

There”s nothing Yuzuki can do to save the poor wanted girl that Nick sold out. Grey Mask and his minions kidnap her and bring her back to the Source Zone. With Grey Mask taking what he wants, it leaves Yuzuki to teach the rogue a lesson.

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transforming my roommate-27

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After resisting to go to the nail salon, Jamie might be finding out that it”s not so bad after all. If she is accepting of this, will she start becoming more open to other aspects of womanhood?

Jamie resists, but then decides to go for pink nails. If she”s accepting this, then she must be well on her way to accepting being a woman. She”s still got more shopping to do with Barb.

Jamie finds out that Barbara is already over her and has got a date on Friday. Barb”s able to keep it secret that she”s really going out with Scott, but how long before Jamie finds out the truth?

Jamie and Barb”s friendship withstands this fight and seems to make them stronger girlfriends. With Jamie”s nails taken care of, it”s now time for some business clothes!

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Different Position Comics-99

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Holly explains why she never wanted to leave Chris during this mess, besides the fact that she loves him dearly. It looks like these two lovebirds will be together for a long time. Oh yeah, and Chris is getting better with magic. Now he doesn”t even need his clothing power.

Chris left the clothing enchantment on Holly last night, so she tries it out completely the following morning. This obviously leads to quite a surprise for Chris when he wakes up. He lets her keep the enchantment, but warns that it comes with nothing but trouble

It”s graduation day for Chris, Christina, Jessica, and Holly. With high school behind them, it”s time for the next big step up in life: college. However, there”s an unexpected arrival from a certain South Side grad.

Isabel explains that she will be going away, and won”t be able to teach Chris for the time being. Over the last six months of them becoming friends, even caring for each other, they find it sad to suddenly have to say goodbye.

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Mysteria Adventure-18

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Between Yuzuki, Cynthel, and Leon, Hikaru should consider himself that Cynthel was the only one out of the them that heard. He is surprisingly understanding and promises to keep it a secret. Just don”t talk to him about trying it himself.

The party is well on their way to reaching the Death Boss. On their way they cross paths with a rogue who is trying to take on a normal boss by herself.

Nick is a bit too overly confident in himself. The party charges in to save him from ending up as a rogue pancake

Fighting a normal boss should prove as useful practice for fighting the Death Boss. Now that the party has saved this “girl”, will she join them on their quest?

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