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Man, if only Brooke knew who she was talking to.

After a long day of working with Lorenzo, he makes a suggestion for what to do tonight…

Oliver knows what he”s getting into, but has shifted so much that he wants it more than anything at the moment.

Let the games begin!


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Oliver, Lorenzo, nor Grayson are far from ace detectives when it comes to figuring things out, but Brooke isn”t nearly as easy to fool.

I”m sure everything will go fine.

Lorraine always has an ulterior motive to everything.

Brooke”s friends tease her about her long term friendship with Oliver.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

At this point Oliver is thinking with the mind of a straight woman. The only thing that saved him was that “Caroline” has standards when it comes to dating.

Oliver had a close call with Lorenzo. Hopefully his day with Brooke goes more smoothly.

A day as a girl with Brooke seems easy enough… Until You-Know-Who gets involved.

Caroline is looking mighty fine in Brooke”s designs.


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At this point Oliver probably wishes this involved spaghetti rather than meat.

No longer able to resist the temptations, Oliver gets his first kiss with a man.

Oliver is getting more attracted to Lorenzo by the hour. He better get away from Lorenzo soon.

Oliver drops a bombshell on Lorenzo. Although with some planning, he could have just said that “Oliver” is “her” boyfriend from the start.


Different Position Comics-54

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Chris was right! Wearing his Mom”s old clothes turns him into a college aged version of her! Young Scarlett is smoking enough to give Christina a run for her money. Hell, maybe Christina inherits some of her genes from her mother.

Oh no, Chris has an idea. Nothing good ever happens when Chris has an idea.

Chris is going to setup Bruce in an attempt to have Jessica break up with him. He”ll have Bruce hit on a really hot chick, and have Jessica catch him in the act. The only problem with this plan is that Chris is going to be that hot chick. One thing is for sure, he”s got the right body for the job.

Chris follows one good idea with a second. By wearing Scarlett”s swimsuit under an outfit of Jessica”s clothes, he pick out something from Jessica”s wardrobe while remaining in Scarlett form. Chris is dialing it up to 11 now.