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It seems this takes place a few years after Mommy Makeover, and Julian has adapted remarkably well to his new life. In fact, he seems to love being a mother.

It looks like this Mommy will be expanding HER family in several months. Eli is getting some siblings!

Julian sets the record straight with Chloe while Oliver tries not to feel a motherly instinct around a child.

A day of work finally went well for Oliver. Not so much for Chloe, who might be regretting her decision. In the end, it was Julian who came out happier.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

A date with Brooke is set, and next week Oliver returns to working as Caroline.

If Oliver can turn his own career around, we won”t need to rely on becoming Caroline to make ends meet. Until then, he”s got work to do.

Caroline is all set for the show, and look who else is modeling at the car convention.

It seems that the “other” Chloe appears to finally face the real Chloe face to face. This should get very interesting.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Oliver says he”ll have self control as himself. Famous last words.

With everything settled with Lorraine, Oliver goes to visit his parents on the other side of town.

Oliver”s parents are thrilled by his surprise visit on Independence Day.

With a few moments to themselves, Brooke and Oliver discuss their friendship. Their relationship might finally be budding into the next level.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Lorraine is very sorry for what she did to Oliver. How will Oliver react to all this?

Lorraine admits that Caroline”s personality taking over him was intentional so that she could spend time with her daughter.

After everything is explained, Brooke and Anya debate over what Oliver should do about the locket and his career.

Oliver sides with Brooke, and is glad to have his friends there to support him.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

In his memory, Oliver survived the accident with few injuries, but what about Lorraine and Caroline?

In the memory Caroline took from Oliver, he was with Caroline on the night she passed away.

Now knowing the truth, Oliver is understandably furious with Lorraine.

Some fragments of Caroline”s soul survived in Oliver”s body all of these years, but it”s far from enough to ever revive her.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Apparently Lorraine stole a certain memory from both Oliver and Brooke. Brooke volunteers to have her memory placed back first.

Oliver gets his memory back, which was from 11 years ago when he was just 13. What was in it that Lorraine needed to hide from him?

It turns out that Caroline was a real girl at some point, and, like Oliver, she aspired to be a model when she grew up.

Well… That”s what happened to the real Caroline.


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Oh yeah, and by the way, I have a magic talking dog.

Oliver finds out what we suspected for a while. Lorraine isn”t a Godmother. She”s a regular witch.

Rather than fight it, Lorraine comes clean with Oliver.

Lorraine the witch opens a portal to her home, which happens to be in a city that Oliver and Brooke are very familiar with.


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Farewell Oliva! We wish you stayed longer!

Oliver isn”t just back to normal, he”s bigger and more attractive than ever. It was the least Anya could do to make up for following Lorraine”s orders behind his back. Now that Oliver has surpassed even Lorenzo, maybe now he won”t need Caroline to get by.

Oliver thought he was able to tell Brooke something she”d never believe, but shockingly for him, she already figured it out on her own.

Even though she figured out his secret, Brooke is still startled to see her friend transform into a woman right in front of her.


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He”s not Caroline! He”s turned into a female version of himself!

Grayson seems to remember always being that size and remember Oliver as Oliva. Freaked out, she runs out of the gym and sees a familiar fuzzy face outside.

No longer willing to take orders from the Godmother, Anya finally comes clean about what she really is and what Lorraine made her do.

Oliva finds out that what”s been happening to her recently has been no accident.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Things are about to get pretty interesting at the gym.

Quick! Someone call Jamie! She”ll know what to do in this situation!

As Grayson turns into a beefcake, Oliver turns into a total babe.

Oliver”s figured out what”s happening, but perhaps a few minutes too late.