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Oliver has some mixed news on the interview… Well, you technically did get a job. Just not the one you wanted.

Upset, Brooke needs a few minutes to herself to think. Meanwhile, a guy who recognizes Brooke sees Oliver from outside.

Well, if you”re going to turn into your girlfriend, one of the last things you want is to bump into any of her exes.

Seeing Oliver stuck in a bind, the real Brooke and Anya have an idea to get him out of it.


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Notice : Release every 3 days


Elsa finds out who “Brooke” really is. This time she makes it known to Oliver what she wants and what she knows.

Oliver, take Ariana”s advice and do whatever Elsa tells you! She, well rather, HE found out the hard way.

Brooke gets to meet the twin sister she”s always wanted.


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You know, some fans actually consider Brooke to be more attractive than Caroline. Those people are really going to like this page.

Oliver has transformed into Brooke and heads for “her” interview at Ablecroft. Ablecroft? Why does that name sound fam- OH!

Ironically, everyone is this room is actually a man.

After a poor showing the interview, Oliver is asked if he”s interested in a different job that would be more suited for him.


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At this point Brooke and Oliver”s only regret is not making this move sooner.

Well Oliver, you won”t have to turn into Caroline. HOWEVER, you will have to transform.

Due to scheduling problems, Brooke can”t be in two places at once… but Anya and Oliver can help her out with that!

Oliver isn”t turning into one girl, he”s turning into another. Chris knows that problem, am I right?


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After years of pent of feelings, Brooke and Oliver waste no time pushing their relationship to the next level.

It turns out the polite and sweet girl has a secret dirty side to her.

Oliver finally gets to enjoy a sex scene where he isn”t the woman for once.

Damn, that girl sure is flexible.


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Oliver and Brooke enjoy their date out in their old stomping grounds around Buffalo.

Brooke and Oliver have finally broken out of the friend zone.

After a very successful first date, Oliver and Brooke head back to Lorraine”s house to get teleported back to New York City.

Lorraine is happy for Oliver”s life turning around, and Brooke has had enough of 15 years of taking things slow.