transforming my roommate-11

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Things are becoming more clear by the day that something unnatural is changing our two roommates.

Jamie decides to follow Scott and Barbara”s advice to stop working out. Doing that might slow down his transformation, but it won”t stop it.

Jamie has finally put two and two together.

Jamie”s male clothes are getting increasingly uncomfortable for him. How long can he tolerate them before he gives in and starts to wear women”s clothes?


Different Position Comics-83

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris has got a lot to learn about magic, like what it”s like to teleport. However, there”s something about it he should have pieced together himself by now: it”s inherited, which means his sister has it too.

Oops. Chris was originally at the mall to meet Holly, now things are a little bit awkward when they meet face-to-face. Holly is suspicious of the cute girl he”s with, and becomes more suspicious when they start talking nonsense. Sure Chris can turn into any girl, but no one can turn into him. Right?

Holly is causing a scene, so Isabel ends it the best way she can: turning Holly”s mind to mush. She”ll snap out of it eventually, and she”ll be okay… more or less.

The gang is back at Chris”s house, and make the smoothest of entrances. Jessica”s in for a real surprise… oh and Holly… when she wakes up.


transforming my roommate-10

Notice : Release every 3 days

Those pills aren”t going to cut down on your swelling, Jamie. Something tells me that the swelling is only going to get worse. 😉 So much for the doctor being able to help you.

Scott”s finally living his dream of overhauling his closet with new clothes in a bigger size. He”s well on his way from being a pipsqueak to a hunk.

A new friendship has been blossoming between Scott and Barbara over the last few weeks. They seem to be getting along well.

Jamie”s girlfriend and roommate are showing a growing concern over his condition. Little does Barbara know what is really happening to him.


Different Position Comics-82

Notice : Release every 3 days

Before introducing Chris to her parents, Isabel wants to see his transformation enchantment in work, so she offers her clothes to him. Unfortunately for Chris (and us), Isabel has a way around stripping for him.

Chris asks if his clothing transformation power can be removed, and surprisingly Isabel says it would be easy to fix. The problem is that they don”t know if doing so would kill Christina, which causes her to jump into the conversation.

Chris is now completely Isabel, although, unlike other girls he”s shown this to, Isabel has seen this before. When Chris asks to change back, Isabel has another idea… This can”t be good.

Chris gets a real surprise when he sees someone else transform for the first time. Unlike him, Isabel can turn into anyone at any time, and not need their clothes at all. However, their locked up bathroom gets the attention of the mall security.


transforming my roommate-9

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Jamie”s hair is getting very long by day 46. He”s looking cute with it completely covering over one eye. Fortunately for us, Jamie likes how it looks and isn”t going to get it cut yet.

Jamie”s height takes another hit, and now he realizes that something unnatural is happening to him and his roommate. In rage, he starts pointing fingers at Scott.

What will be your results, Jamie?

Medical science isn”t going to save you, Jamie. Not only that, but your history is being overwritten.


Different Position Comics-81

Notice : Release every 3 days

Isabel is shocked to find out that a warlock had no idea he was one, but Chris on the other hand is on a whole different level of surprise when his eyes light up. Isabel has to calm him down and explain that she didn”t do that to him, it”s actually part of him.

Still overcome with shock and disbelief, Chris questions Isabel about what the heck he is. On the surface, it seems Chris had no idea about who he was because his father passed away before Chris was of age. However, is that all to the tale of Chris”s parents?

As Christina reminds him, there are other things going on: his transformation power, and Christina. Isabel says that the clothing transformation power is most likely an enchantment put on him by another sorcerer. The question is, who did that to him?

The matter of Christina seems to bring up more questions than answers, and even Isabel doesn”t know what to make of Chris”s female form. However, she knows a couple of people who might be able to help: her parents.


transforming my roommate-8

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Jamie keeps his promise to take Barbara out after a disappointing weekend. He leaves her alone with Scott, and I”m sure nothing will happen. 😉

Barbara”s incredibly sexy little black dress is getting quite a *big* reaction from Scott.

After a few minutes of talking, Barbara feels comfortable enough to give Scott her phone number. They arrange some causal lunches, but who knows if those friendly outings could soon start turning into something more?

Scott let”s his new, intense sex drive get the best of him as his mind starts to fantasize about his roommate”s incredibly sexy girlfriend. Not only that, but what was Jamie”s manhood is now becoming Scott”s.


Different Position Comics-80

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Chris, how much have you screwed up in the last week? Your female self has become self-aware, she”s used your body to have sex with another man, and your sister has found out your secret. Holly leaves town for one long weekend and everything falls apart.

Holly is not pleased with Chris giving up the fight of his body to Christina. It”s not that Holly hates Christina, she”s looking out for the best interest of her boyfriend. Oh, and that sharing body thing is a bit… gross. The bad news? There”s no known way to fix this whole mess.


transforming my roommate-7

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Until this day, the roommates” changes have been minor and believable, but now things are becoming very abnormal.

Whatever is changing you guys, it certainly isn”t that innocent looking statue sitting next to the Gamecube.

It”s now been one month since the move-in, and Jamie”s future breasts are finally starting to bud. Just how long will it take them to fully blossom? Time will tell…

Jamie scurries out in an attempt to hide his embarrassing swelling from Barbara. The way he pushes her away might be a sign that their relationship is starting to strain.


Different Position Comics-79

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Jessica can clearly tell this mystery girl is Chris, but she doesn”t realize at first that there is a second person living in Chris”s mind. It turns out she really does have a sister.

After a lot of explanation from Christina and Chris, Jessica knows what”s been going on with them. Christina feels such relief that her sister finally knows of her own existence, and Jessica is there to support her new sis. One problem remains: Scarlett.

Chris lays down the ground rules that they can tell Mom, but they can”t say who Christina really is. Instead, they introduce her to Mom as just a friend.

eird how Christina has such a similar name to Chris.. And kinda looks like him… And this is a good friend that”s never been brought up before… And- well, Scarlett bought it. Not like that”s the magically former female version of your son.