Different Position Comics-97

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Chris is embarrassed to admit that he gets some enjoyment out of turning into women. He doesn”t want to do it full time or identifies as a woman or anything, but it might be something he”d like to keep doing on occasions.

With the two of them satisfied from round one, it”s time for them to swap. Chris is actually gives Holly his enchantment! Well, it”s working just fine on her, just in reverse.

Looks like Holly”s now the man of the house. How”s Chris going to take being on the reeving end?


Mysteria Adventure-16

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And so, we finally meet the fifth member of our crew. Nick, the rogue. And he looks adorable!

If you want something done right, then you shouldn”t have been a lazy ass the first time. But sure, you”ll be able to log out and fix it. Hm, might want to get used to those things on your chest.

Nick takes a minute to think about the opportunity that playing as a girl in AoA provides. You can do whatever you want with that body, which something you”d never be able to try in real life

Despite the girl figure, Nick”s super excited to be in the game world! Well, everyone”s whose already inside hates it. Not being able to log out doesn”t daunt Nick though. In fact, he”s glad that it”ll mean being able to play for a few more hours.


transforming my roommate-24

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Jamie isn”t aware that her new figure is starting to attract the attention of her roommate. Scott”s confused about his attraction to Jamie when he knows that she is really still a he.

Thanks to the Fox, Scott”s never been happier when he realized that his days of being called four-eyes are behind him.

Jamie has no choice but to quit her old job and apply to a new one as a woman. Jamie still has more to learn about womanhood if she”s going to live as one. Makeup, manicures, and shoes are a few things that come to mind.

Jamie gets quite the surprise when she opens up her wallet and sees a gorgeous blonde on her driver”s license. The Fox is changing documents about her, but not people”s memories. She”s going to need a new job, and some makeup.


Different Position Comics-96

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Just before Chris”s weekend at Holly”s place, Isabel is teaching him Obsidian”s Construct magic. She offers to remove his father”s clothing enchantment, but for some odd reason he wants to keep it. Even more strangely, he”s taken the time to learn his father”s old spell so that he can use it himself.

The weekend is here.

Chris turns into Holly while they talk more about his curiosity. He”s embarrassed to admit that the first time they had lesbian sex got his mind going, though he was too afraid to ever say anything about it. Holly has absolutely no issues with it though.

Chris is now Holly, with one minor exception. The real Holly is getting her turn first. They start foreplay in bed, with Holly quickly going after Chris”s new sensitive places. Chris might enjoy being a girl more than he”d like us to believe. Time to find out the truth.


Mysteria Adventure-15

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Meanwhile back in real life there”s no steamy bath scenes with ultra attractive people. Just lame, old school.

His friends would really love to try out an NVR, but it”s Nick who has been quietly saving up for one. I bet I know what he”s doing after school.

While Nick has to deal with real life for a few more hours, our brave heroes set out on their adventure to find the Death Boss. However, it seems that there”s a new feature that”s been added to the game.

Hikaru was used to picking female characters, Leon knew better, Yuzuki didn”t want to be sexualized by AoA, and who knows why Cynthel did it. Nick, however, just wanted randomized character settings… Dumbass.


transforming my roommate-23

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s right, that shirt feels very familiar to me for some reason.

Jamie”s waist may not be as narrow as Mariah”s, and Jamie”s girls certainly aren”t as a big, but she still looks very hot in that top 😉

Barbara”s positive attitude might have been more forced than she lead us to believe. She”s still proven to be a tremendous help to Jamie.

It”s been a very long day for Jamie. Whether she realizes it or not, it”s the first day of living the rest her life as a woman.


Different Position Comics-95

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Christina is very worried that Isabel”s magic hasn”t worked. They warp back to Seattle where she must see if she is welcomed home as their daughter. Oh, and Isabel has accidentally given herself an amazing hairstyle.

Christina goes home to find that Scarlett is now treating her like her daughter! All of Christina”s memories of her family were just dreams before, but now they”ve come true. Not only have memories been changed, but Isabel took care of a few other things…

Isabel changed something else in the Young household as well. It”s not the most original layout ever, but it”s understandable since she had so much to change. Welcome home, Christina.

Holly has never gotten along well with Christina, but will they start to get along now that she”s separated from Chris? Time will tell. However, there”s more pressing things she and Chris would like to do now that they are finally alone…


Mysteria Adventure-14

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It seems that screen isn”t all that useful. It also seems that Yuzuki is taking an unusually long stare at Cynthel over on the other side.

Yuzuki feels thoughts and emotions that she”s never felt before, mainly an attraction to what is her real gender. Hm, and it seems the feeling is mutual for Cynthel…

*Insert cheesy porn music here.*

Yuzuki and Cynthel are relieved that they aren”t alone in having these alien feelings in their digital bodies. It”s a matter of controlling them until they can reach this rumored Death Boss that will free them from AoA.


transforming my roommate-22

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There”s no need to blush Jamie. You may not be done yet, but you”re looking as sexy as any real woman.

Jamie”s stubborn refusal of anything womanly might be starting to slip now that”s he”s dolled up in sexy lingerie

If Barbara can convince Jamie to get into that pair of bra and panties, what else can she convince Jamie to do?

Now that bras and panties are taken care of, Barbara is having Jamie try on a wardrobe”s worth of tops.


Different Position Comics-94

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Christina leaves Chris”s body in Soul Form, even if she unintentionally drags Chris out with her. Time to put the new twins back in their respective bodies.

Chris and Christina meet face to face for the very first time. As promised, Christina gives her new brother the world”s biggest hug. With Christina a real girl now, it”s time for Isabel to live up to her end of this. It”s time to introduce Christina Young to the world.

Funny seeing her side-by-side with Chris. Christina is finally a real girl, and her siblings couldn”t be happier. However, she”s still got to be “introduced” to everyone else. That”s where a certain black and blue witch comes into play.

Isabel gets to show off her growing power by changing the minds of everyone that knows the Young family. Even her own mother hasn”t seen her power surge so high. However, has Isabel”s deafening blast done what she promised?