Mysteria Adventure-59

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It seems that assassinating the sun elf prince won”t be quite as easy as Nick first thought. He”ll have to attend a ball and seduce the prince away from the protection of his guards. While he isn”t particularly comfortable with doing something like that, the reward is too much for his greed to pass up.

A couple of Rakshasa servant girls are tasked with giving this rogue a makeover so she will be a stunner that the nobles” ball. Let”s see how she turns out with a changed look and a gown.

Given some time alone in her bath, Nick explores his female body. The sensations start to bring back flashbacks of what he felt the other night with Leon.

I think Nick had quite a nice bath.


Mysteria Adventure-58

Notice : Release every 3 days

Alistair explains that not only is it possible for an artificial soul to inhabit a real person”s body, but it”s incredibly difficult to detect if done right. Despite this information, Isabelle”s feelings toward Chris seem to be clouding her judgement.

With her judgement clouded by her feelings, Isabelle can”t see how her boyfriend couldn”t be real. Chris has been acting perfectly normally to her.

To Isabelle”s credit, the reason he doesn”t seem any different is because it”s an exact copy of Chris”s soul, but she should have at least made sure. If Isabelle won”t save them, then who will?

While the main group has gone north, Nick has traveled south to the desert city of Zentranis. There he”s been playing through the game”s story and been making quite a name for himself as a skilled adventurer. The emperor of the Beshemem himself would like Nick to assassinate a sun elf prince.


Mysteria Adventure-57

Notice : Release every 3 days

After pleading to do what Grey Mask asks in exchange for freedom, he bestows Chris with a set of armor with incredible power. Now Chris will be incredibly dangerous to any Wanted Player he finds.

The rest of the group respawned in the graveyard outside of town along with every other player who happened to be in the village. Curiously to Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon, Chris was the only person to walk out of the village alive… and suddenly has a very different look.

Chris lies to his friends about where his new armor actually came from and plans to serve Grey Mask without them finding out.

Ever since the run-in with “Cynthel”, Isabelle hasn”t particularly taken to heart what the construct had to say. She seems to believe everything is normal with Chris, but decides to bring up the topic with her master, Alistair, just to be safe.


Mysteria Adventure-56

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Fueled with righteous anger, Yuzuki charges in at their captor only to find out that she doesn”t stand a chance against a cheater.

Grey Mask is as cold and ruthless as he is deadly.

The group didn”t stand a chance against Grey Mask. How can they possible defeat that which has no life?

You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy Grey Mask, not join him! Bring balance to Mysteria, not leave it in darkness!


Mysteria Adventure-55

Notice : Release every 3 days

Nick retakes his lead on the Maker”s Game slap leaderboard with a double bitch slap from the two people he poisoned.

The group has had enough from Nick and unanimously vote to kick Nick from the group. Looks like they”re officially down to a party of four.

There”s a very sudden attack on the village of Toronso, and this doesn”t appear to be a scripted part of the game.

Grey Mask is back, and he”s PISSED.