Different Position Comics-31

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jessica unknowingly has a conversation about the upcoming Homecoming with her brother. Chris is doing well posing as the Homecoming Queen favorite, as Jessica doesn”t suspect a thing. However, Chris”s world is going to fall apart should Jessica see the real Holly, or the real Holly sees him

A lie about Jessica”s appearance makes her scamper off to the girl”s room to fix it. Even with Jessica taken care of, Chris is trapped in a dead end hallway by the real Holly. Fortunately, he thought ahead.

Chris escapes getting caught by switching Holly”s head for Jessica”s. Holly is suspicious, but believes her story of Jessica buying an outfit like the one she used to have. As for the bigger chest, Jessica is the kind of girl who would wear a padded bra. Holly would never suspect that was a carbon copy of her body.

Chris has stumbled from a nightmare to a dream. That girls locker room isn”t empty.