Different Position Comics-34

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris couldn”t let himself cheat on Holly, even if he wasn”t the one in control. As tempting as lesbian sex is, he cares for her much more, and feel terrible about what just happened.

Chris is less than assumed with everything he”s gone through today. Perhaps his patience with his power is straining due to all the times he”s been put at risk. At this point he just wants to get out and turn back into himself.

With Scarlett going out to drink with her friends, Chris has another opportunity to go for a joyride in her car. He”s done it successfully a few times after that first drive. Will this one go as smoothly?

Turning into a woman seems so routine to him now. He”s come a long way since the first time he turned into her in this closet. Chris also brings up a good point. He should do something as Christina soon, but what?