Different Position Comics-35

Notice : Release every 3 days

It was bond to happen sooner or later. Spend too much time as a woman, and you”ll eventually bump into her man. Mark has no idea who this Scarlett really is. Chris isn”t going to be able to worm his way out of this one. He”s all alone with his Mother”s boyfriend.

Chris knows how much he”s screwed himself on this. He”s going to have to spend the whole evening with Mark in his mother”s body, and she”s only going to get more control as the night progresses. Worst yet, he”s going to have to do it all in one of her sexiest dresses.

Things are only getting worse for Chris, and things aren”t going to get better as the night wears on. How is he going to handle all of this?

Chris and Mark off, and there”s nothing Chris can do about it at this point. Making things even worse, he looks as good as his Mom can look with that outfit and that hair. What”s going to be a bigger problem? How he plans on getting home, or what”s going to happen once alcohol gets involved?