Different Position Comics-37

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is absolutely furious with himself over what just happened. To make matters worse, he”s nowhere close to returning home and leaving this mess. When wondering about what to do, Chris gets a call… Who could it be?

Scarlett is the one who called him. There”s good news and bad news. Chris might have an opportunity to slip away when they get home. The bad news? Scarlett might call Mark any minute, if she hasn”t already.

With the risk of the real Scarlett about to call Mark, Chris does what it takes to get Mark”s phone away from him. Chris can actually be a good flirt when he needs to be, and he certainly knows how a man”s brain operates. With that taken care of, he”s got to get Mark drunk.

As Mark gets more and more drunk, Scarlett Chris is staying surprisingly sober through each round of drinks. Mark catches on, and thinks it isn”t fair in their drinking contest that her drinks aren”t strong enough. Normally he wouldn”t force his girl to drink, but he”s far from sober at this point.