Different Position Comics-38

Notice : Release every 3 days

Things weren”t going that well for Chris before, now things will only go downhill now that Scarlett is gaining more control. What”s worse? Being forced to drink at the bar, or heading back out to the dance floor?

Chris is only losing more control over his body, and Scarlett is all over Mark as they dance. There isn”t even much Chris can do with the body parts he still controls. When Scarlett pushes his face into Mark”s, Chris is the one who must do the kissing. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Chris has no choice but to make out with a man.

Everything from a corrupting female mind to the physical pleasures of his body are trying to sway Chris, but he”s doing his damnedest to resist. Chris has got a plan to get away, but is he even the one in control anymore?

Things couldn”t be getting much worse for Chris. He is finally heading home, but he”s stuck in the backseat of a taxi with Mark. His body is becoming more grab happy and out-of-control by the minute.