Different Position Comics-39

Notice : Release every 3 days

The situation is getting hot and heavy in the backseat of the taxi. Mark;s getting more bold, and Scarlett is enabling him. How far can Chris be pushed, or is his iron will going to finally give in?

Oh-oh. Now that they”re home, how is Chris going to get out of this one? Will he finally get caught when two Scarlett”s come face to face? There couldn”t be a worse time to be discovered.

Chris is in the home stretch of escaping his biggest challenge yet. Only feet from freedom, Chris is struggling to control his body. Who will have a say on which bedroom to go into?

There”s some confusion between Mark and Scarlett in their drunk states. Mark can”t figure out why Scarlett lost all interest all of a sudden, but he doesn”t try to force himself on her after she said no. Chris has escaped by the skin of his teeth. However, unlike his other bad outings as a woman, this one looks like it will causes repercussions for Chris. How will this change things?