Different Position Comics-45

Notice : Release every 3 days

No wonder Holly wasn”t jealous of Christina”s voluptuous body when she first saw it. If anything see saw great opportunity. Chris tried creating the perfect body, and now Holly has the honor to break it in. This is going to be a wild sleepover.

It”s pretty evident where things are going from here. Holly and Chris are about to have some fun.

Chris is having a wild time experiencing what sex is like as a woman for the first time. Meanwhile, this is a win-win for Holly. She gets lesbian sex, and her boyfriend will become a far more experienced love-maker once this is over with. He”s about to know exactly want makes a woman feel good.

Chris is getting a rude awakening on how good sex is as a woman. He”s probably regretting taking this long to try it. Holly better take it easy or else she might not have a boyfriend anymore.