Different Position Comics-47

Notice : Release every 3 days

Oh, and new the new Awakening animation is out! 😀 I”d admit the second one wasn”t terribly good, but I think you”re really going to enjoy number three.

The more Holly chats with Christina, the more she believes that this woman is the female version of Chris. Nothing here seems out of place to Christina, who”s none the wiser about her male half. Christina could cause a lot of trouble if she was set loose… Maybe leaving her unsupervised isn”t a great idea.

Christina can”t get a date to save her life, although, that might have something to do with the fact that she”s never really around. Should Derrick ever actually met her, I bet she”d get asked out pretty damn quickly. Christina makes a discovery while looking through what she thinks is her phone. Chris thinks Christina is incredibly sexy, and it seems the feeling is mutual.

Holly”s back with Chris”s clothes. She might have them, but it”s going to be tough to force Christina into them. When Christina shows her sexual interest in Holly”s boyfriend, it gives her more than enough motivation to free Chris.