Different Position Comics-71

Notice : Release every 3 days

Well, she could have taken it better. Chris helps her up off the floor, and rests her on her bed. There”s no telling what Hell will happen when she wakes up. She knows the truth now.

No Jessica, it wasn”t a dream, and no, that isn”t a mirror. Man oh man, can you imagine seeing your brother turn into you? Jessica can”t, and she”s speechless for once in her life.

Perhaps there”s a reason Jessica isn”t rushing out and screaming to the world about Chris”s secret… Maybe she sees some good in it for her. Chris outta” be willing to do what he can for her to keep quiet, right?

Jessica demands that Chris do what she ask in the future, or else his secret is history. Chris reluctantly accepts, and is at his sister”s mercy. The real Jessica is about to have some fun with her new “sister”.