Different Position Comics-82

Notice : Release every 3 days

Before introducing Chris to her parents, Isabel wants to see his transformation enchantment in work, so she offers her clothes to him. Unfortunately for Chris (and us), Isabel has a way around stripping for him.

Chris asks if his clothing transformation power can be removed, and surprisingly Isabel says it would be easy to fix. The problem is that they don”t know if doing so would kill Christina, which causes her to jump into the conversation.

Chris is now completely Isabel, although, unlike other girls he”s shown this to, Isabel has seen this before. When Chris asks to change back, Isabel has another idea… This can”t be good.

Chris gets a real surprise when he sees someone else transform for the first time. Unlike him, Isabel can turn into anyone at any time, and not need their clothes at all. However, their locked up bathroom gets the attention of the mall security.