Different Position Comics-86

Notice : Release every 3 days

The nine Bloodlines are finally revealed. Each one specializes in it”s own branch of magic, and each Bloodline has it”s own Mastery Spell.

With Chris and Christina agreeing to the plan, Isabel”s family gets to work on creating Christina. It will take several weeks for it to be completed. What trouble will Chris and Jessica get into now that they know they have powers?

Chris and Jessica have begun their novice training under the tutelage of Isabel, Norah, and Sebastian. They are practicing together on New Years Eve, and beginning to handle the most basic of magic. Oh, and Jessica”s all excited to go to her mother”s party in order to meet hot guys

Oh-uh, the trouble started from the first sentence. Isabel”s number one rule while training them? “Don”t skip ahead.” What”s Chris doing? Skipping ahead.