Different Position Comics-87

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jessica is Mr. Jingles, Chris is Jessica… this whole situation is getting worse by the second. Oh yeah, that big party Jessica”s looking forward to is about to start.

Chris is only getting worse at using Transformation, so they resort to calling Isabel and her parents for help. With none of them responding, Jessica is furious she can”t go to the party. Then, Christina turns on Chris to offer a punishment idea to Jessica.

Chris will go to the party in Jessica”s place, with him forced to do whatever she says. Making it worse is that Christina is on Jessica”s side, even refusing to take control for Chris. Giving Jess more ideas isn”t helping either.

In Operation Meet-A-Cutie, Jessica is team leader, Chris is the main operative, and Christina is tactical support. Will the team succeed, or will Chris first drown himself in the aquarium?