Different Position Comics-94

Notice : Release every 3 days

Christina leaves Chris”s body in Soul Form, even if she unintentionally drags Chris out with her. Time to put the new twins back in their respective bodies.

Chris and Christina meet face to face for the very first time. As promised, Christina gives her new brother the world”s biggest hug. With Christina a real girl now, it”s time for Isabel to live up to her end of this. It”s time to introduce Christina Young to the world.

Funny seeing her side-by-side with Chris. Christina is finally a real girl, and her siblings couldn”t be happier. However, she”s still got to be “introduced” to everyone else. That”s where a certain black and blue witch comes into play.

Isabel gets to show off her growing power by changing the minds of everyone that knows the Young family. Even her own mother hasn”t seen her power surge so high. However, has Isabel”s deafening blast done what she promised?