fairy make me a super model-23

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Oliver”s grossed just from having to kiss a woman. For the first time in his life he”s rooting to not get lucky on a date, and unfortunately for him, Nydia doesn”t screw around when it comes to screwing around.

Oliver keeps trying to stall to buy his mind more time, but his date wants a piece of him now. What”s he going to do when he can”t get it up to Nydia?

Oliver has the most embarrassing blowjob of his life when he needs to think about sucking a man in order to get aroused. However, his problems don”t end there.

Nydia give the best blowjob Oliver”s ever had and what does he do? He wants her to teach him her techniques! At the rate he”s going, Oliver will be putting Nydia”s deepthroating advice to use sooner rather than later.