fairy make me a super model-25

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Lorraine is piling on unprecedented success for “Caroline”. Oliver better get used to being a busty blonde because he”s about to start spending much more time like that.

Lorraine confirms that Oliver”s personality doesn”t immediately change back after using the locket. However, that side effect doesn”t seem nearly as bad after Lorraine says she might have a career-making gig for Caroline.

Despite already being a male model, Oliver still feels outclassed by his friends and peers. If not being as strong as them was embarrassing, wait until Lorenzo starts talking about the hot blonde he met last week.

Yay! A fifth hundredth page. There wasn”t anything super special for this comic page, like some past comics, but I do have another treat for you. Here”s the cover page of Godmother remade with the cast from Different Perspectives!