mysteria adventure-102

Notice : Release every 3 days

Apparently destroying the tablet removed “Logan’s” restrictions over controlling the game. With those gone, we can finally see what Logan is…

Meanwhile in the real world, the Sorcerer Protection Forces are piecing things together thanks to Alistair, Jessica, and Christina.

I bet none of you noticed that the person killed on page 1 used the same text color as the Dark Wizard, huh?

Apparently the NVR and AoA are less of a technological invention than Russell lead people to believe. Russell had actually created this world using the remains of Logan. Because Logan was what kept things going, Russell couldn’t remove him to stop him from disrupting the system. So, Russell turned him into AoA’s final boss and used the players to stop Logan’s plan of saving everyone. Yep, everyone has been aiding the real bad guy all along by just playing the game.