Mysteria Adventure-19

Notice : Release every 3 days

The party meets SouthernThunder69- ahem, I mean Nick, and make him an offer to join their group to fight the death boss. However, a wild wanted player appears!

The party finds the wanted player. She claims she doesn”t know why she became one, but says it happened after she died. Now to decide if they will help her or turn her in.

Rather than respawning at the nearest graveyard, Cherry Blossom respawened at the place she was killed. But that”s not all, it seems we know for sure who is putting out these bounties. Why is Grey Mask doing this?

There”s nothing Yuzuki can do to save the poor wanted girl that Nick sold out. Grey Mask and his minions kidnap her and bring her back to the Source Zone. With Grey Mask taking what he wants, it leaves Yuzuki to teach the rogue a lesson.