Mysteria Adventure-20

Notice : Release every 3 days

A verbal (and literal) smack-down by Yuzuki has knocked some sense into Nick that this is a gravely serious situation, and his greediness has just lead to a real girl getting kidnapped or worse. Wanting to make amends for what he”s done, Nick offers to join the party and help them fight the Death Boss.

Welcome to… Gall-ah, Gall-ee-ah-din, Gally… uh, a Moon Elf city, where the growing party meets back up with Cynthel. With a million gold to spend, it”s time for some shopping!

Everyone is shopping for their new epic armor when Yuzuki reminds her brother that he still needs a bra. How Hikaru has to do something he thought he”d never do: bra shopping with his sister.

Break out your boobies! It”s bust measuring time!