Mysteria Adventure-36

Notice : Release every 3 days

After 133 pages of being vague about the name of his “girlfriend”, we finally see who it”s been.

Chris is reunited with the girl who can save him, but it”s not the warm reception he was expecting. His sisters couldn”t tell, but Isabelle can see right through what he is.

The man of the hour is here! Chris has been away from his friends and family for entire week, and nobody”s even known. Chris isn”t all too pleased to see his doppelganger taking his place in life.

It would certainly explain how the world has never known about what”s going on in AoA. People are still living their normal lives on the outside, and taking the NVR helmet is impossible when their souls are no longer in their bodies. Who”s creating all these fake souls? Where are the real ones going? Why do all this?