Mysteria Adventure-5

Notice : Release every 3 days

*Grey Mask* knew exactly what he was doing when he broke into Star Reach Studios. He knew how to make his injected code very difficult to trace, and he knew where to go to avoid getting caught. He”s on the loose, and none of them know yet just how serious his breach was.

Thinking that not logging out is nothing more than a minor glitch on a new game, Hikaru and Yuzuki decide to try out the combat system. Their first try wasn”t overly successful with figuring out how to play. Even worse than getting bit by bacon is Hikaru getting his first male “admirer”.

Yuzuki leaves Hikaru on his on so she can get some items to heal him. That gives Leon just the opportunity he needs to go talk to the cute Moon Elf girl.

Leon gives Hikaru some advice for using a bow and arrow… Uh, Hikaru? … That”s not a quiver rubbing up against your butt. If anything, that”s Leon”s arrow poking into your quiver.