Mysteria Adventure-76

Notice : Release every 3 days

Great Mask has lost the battle, but he”s far from given up on the war. If he can”t find where Chris is hiding, then he”ll draw him out. But wait, if the way to a man”s soul is through his heart, and the way to a man”s heart is through is stomach, then clearly Grey Mask should be using bacon.

Uh-oh… It looks like the world of Mysteria is getting a new player.

Chris”s magic combat training gets interrupted by Nikki. Chris is expecting Nick to ask to be changed back, but actually gets told the opposite.

Nikki asks Chris to stay as a girl for a few more days, and makes Chris promise to not tell the others the real reason why Nikki isn”t back to normal. If Hikaru wasn”t as dense as a star he might know why too.