Mysteria Adventure-78

Notice : Release every 3 days

Not having much experience with MMOs like this, it doesn”t take long for Isabelle to get killed.

Grey Mask, I”m not sure who is going to make you regret this more, an enraged Chris or an infuriated Isabelle.

It was a bold and risky move to say the least, but Grey Mask”s plan of luring Chris out of hiding worked like a charm. Now Chris will stop at nothing to save his damsel in distress.

After a long day of hiking, the party nears where Grey Mask is holding Isabelle hostage in the frozen Vikgar Kingdom. With the group tired and lacking a plan, they reason to Chris to wait until the morning to save Izzy. This gives Hikaru, Nikki, Leon, and Yuzuki a night to themselves before their suicide mission.