Mysteria Adventure-8

Notice : Release every 3 days

Cynthel comes to the rescue by slicing off the hand that was all over Hikaru”s body. With the asshole vanquished, our Moon Elf is thankful to the mysterious Sun Elf girl- I mean guy

Blue and Red team up for the sake of sticking together in an increasingly dangerous game while they wait for rescue. Hikaru learns that Cynthel is a fellow guy stuck in a girl”s body. You”d think that they”d identify with each other over regretting their decision and hate being in a girl”s body, but Cynthel actually doesn”t mind it. Huh.

Hikaru introduces Cynthel to the group back in Rivertown. After they agree they should head for Capitol City, Hikaru has a… wardrobe malfunction.

Hikaru”s armor upgrade finds a way to raise her armor rating while also increasing the amount of skin is exposed. She should totally upgrade her armor again as soon as she can. Leena”s midriff aside, *someone* has found their way into the game…