transforming my roommate-29

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Jamie is ecstatic to not just get an interview, but to have one with an employer that”s better than her old one. She”s getting interviewed by a young man, so Barbara thinks that spicing up her outfit will give her an edge over the competition. Will Jamie go for it, and what does Barbara have in mind?

Just when you thought Jamie couldn”t get hotter, Barbara turns her outfit up a few more notches. High heels, long flowing hair, a cute skirt, and a figure to die for. I think she”s as good as hired.

Jamie would never normally wear heels or a skirt, but needing a job is forcing her to do what she doesn”t want to. Now that”s she tried them, maybe she”ll realize it isn”t so bad.

When above average temperatures strike in early spring, she has to resort to the more revealing clothes she”s been avoiding.