transforming my roommate-46

Notice : Release every 3 days

The search for the Fox intensifies. However, they don”t know he can simply teleport at will, so there”s no way they can find him if he doesn”t want to be found.

Jamie gets a bit upset from seeing Barbara kiss Scott as jealousy starts forming inside her. She now knows what a great man Scott is because he”s willing to make such a huge sacrifice for her.

Get ready for a major shock. Jamie has grown attached to her new body and doesn”t want to give it up! She has her new job, her refusal to let Scott change, and the pure sexual thrill of her new form.

Today”s the big day! Jamie comes home from work to find that Scott has stayed up all night to find the statue for her. Touched by his strong dedication to her, she takes a seat next to him to comfort her exhausted roommate. For the first time, Jamie has a chance to examine her hunky friend up close and personal. Will some new feelings start to flow through her as she runs her delicate hands over this sleeping giant?