transforming my roommate-50

Notice : Release every 3 days

Encouraged by Scott”s reasoning, Jamie takes her life into her own hands. She”s not going to get told by Barbara or the Fox how to live. She”s feeling so much more comfortable being a real woman now that she can be herself.

Jamie”s finally meeting her brand new womanhood, and is amazed to find out just how sensitive it is. It”s still very sore from her transformation, so she decides it will be best to let it recover before she really gets into exploring it.

Jamie”s becoming confident in her new gender and is starting to realize it may not be so bad to be turned into one. She”s also continuing to grow even closer with Scott.

Jamie has had a very long, difficult day after finishing her transformation. Luckily she”s got Scott there to relax with and have a good time. Their night together is briefly threatened when Barbara tempts Scott to come over, but he actually turns her down.