transforming my roommate-51

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Barbara is meeting with Jamie for the first time since she reached womanhood. Jamie has moved away from what Barbara taught her about being a girl, but Barb is being supportive of her ex nonetheless.

Jamie has a little girl-to-girl talk with Barbara about all the pleasures that come with a woman”s body. She”s still too sore down there to really try it out, but she”s really eager after some gentle teasing.

Barbara catches Jamie looking over their cute waiter and is absolutely shocked that her ex might not be entirely a lesbian after all. Jamie may not even be aware of how attracted she is towards guys now. Both Scott and Barbara have been under the impression that Jamie was only into girls, so how will this revelation change how they view her? Will Barbara no longer trust Jamie living with her boyfriend? If Scott finds out, will he get his hopes up about a relationship with her?

Barbara was perfectly fine with Scott living with a lesbian, but now she knows the truth about Jamie. Her hot boyfriend is in serious jeopardy. Trusting Scott to live with a straight woman would be like trusting a steak with a hungry dog.