transforming my roommate-16

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Scott reveals that his manhood has been growing very big. This causes a very female reaction in Jamie”s mind.

Jamie caught his first female thought enter his head. Embarrassed that he was fantasizing about his friend, Jamie leaves before another daydream strikes.

Barbara”s next role in the story is still up in the air. Will she be Jamie”s mentor into womanhood, a rival for Scott”s attention, or both?

Poor naive Scott. He”s not used to be being attractive or having hot women swoon for him. As book smart as he is, he”s still terrible at reading girls.

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Different Position Comics-88

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris gets his first taker as code-name McDreamy approaches. Let”s see what he can do, and what he”s learned.

Jessica pulls the plug on their first target. Chris happily gets out of there, but he isn”t free for long with McSteamy fast approaching. How will contestant number two fair?

Things are going better with the next guy Chris finds: McSteamy- I mean Fransisco. He”s funny, good looking, and even goes to the college Jessica will soon be going to. She gives Chris the green light to proceed, much to his dismay.

Chris has done well in getting to know, even setting up a date for Jessica. She”s very pleased with him, and maybe that”s enough to forgive him for turning her into a cat. However, Jessica seems to be up to something.

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Mysteria Adventure-7

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The guy creates a Sun Elf Paladin that he names

Cynthel is amazed at how real Mysteria looks and feels. Before he can even get a whole minute to enjoy it, trouble is brewing. Word is spreading that the log out buttons are all disabled, as well as the support system that could have been used to call for help from the admins. But surely, they”ll be fine if people in the outside world take the NVR”s off of them.

Yuzuki doesn”t want Leon around because he”s the only reason he”s there was to hit of her brother. Well, he offers help and all his knowledge of AOA to finding a way out of this growing mess. While those two try teaming up, Hikaru just wants to find some armor that will cover his body up more.

Cynthel is enjoying the game when suddenly she hears a cry for help. It seems Hikaru has found something much more dangerous than a big old boar. With the support system down, there”s no way to enforce order over the trapped players.

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transforming my roommate-15

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Barbara turns to Scott in her moment of need after Jamie breaks up with her. A couple of days later, Jamie takes a big step towards womanhood.

Go ahead and try to hide your new breasts for as long as you like Jamie, but nothing is going to stop your budding girls from reaching their full potential.

Day 77: Scott is now taller than Jamie!

Don”t be too surprised Scott. Jamie may or may have a pair of growing assets hidden away under that sweater.

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Different Position Comics-87

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Jessica is Mr. Jingles, Chris is Jessica… this whole situation is getting worse by the second. Oh yeah, that big party Jessica”s looking forward to is about to start.

Chris is only getting worse at using Transformation, so they resort to calling Isabel and her parents for help. With none of them responding, Jessica is furious she can”t go to the party. Then, Christina turns on Chris to offer a punishment idea to Jessica.

Chris will go to the party in Jessica”s place, with him forced to do whatever she says. Making it worse is that Christina is on Jessica”s side, even refusing to take control for Chris. Giving Jess more ideas isn”t helping either.

In Operation Meet-A-Cutie, Jessica is team leader, Chris is the main operative, and Christina is tactical support. Will the team succeed, or will Chris first drown himself in the aquarium?

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Mysteria Adventure-6

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At least Hikaru didn”t notice that Leon”s ears weren”t the only things big and pointing up. With Hikaru not knowing what it”s like to have a guy hit on you, this isn”t exactly a scene that Yuzuki is going to be thrilled about walking into.

It”s better to assume that you”re brother is clueless about girls, Yuzuki. Hell, he”s even more clueless about BEING a girl. As for Leon, he”s happy to find out that the girl Hikaru is with isn”t her boyfriend… But that”s not all.

Yep! That hottie who was making your ears erect (and maybe some other body part), she”s actually a guy, Leon. Hikaru is a unisex name.

While Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon go check out a disturbance in Rivertown, a new person has just got themself an NVR…

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transforming my roommate-14

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Give Scott some credit, assuming your roommate is magically turning into a girl is not the first thing you”d guess.

With their relationship on the brink, Barbara starts to weigh her options when she doesn”t hear back from Jamie.

Jamie finally mans up and calls Barbara.

Jamie will tell Barbara what”s going on in several days. The question will be just how much more feminine is he going to be by then?

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Different Position Comics-86

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The nine Bloodlines are finally revealed. Each one specializes in it”s own branch of magic, and each Bloodline has it”s own Mastery Spell.

With Chris and Christina agreeing to the plan, Isabel”s family gets to work on creating Christina. It will take several weeks for it to be completed. What trouble will Chris and Jessica get into now that they know they have powers?

Chris and Jessica have begun their novice training under the tutelage of Isabel, Norah, and Sebastian. They are practicing together on New Years Eve, and beginning to handle the most basic of magic. Oh, and Jessica”s all excited to go to her mother”s party in order to meet hot guys

Oh-uh, the trouble started from the first sentence. Isabel”s number one rule while training them? “Don”t skip ahead.” What”s Chris doing? Skipping ahead.

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Mysteria Adventure-5

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*Grey Mask* knew exactly what he was doing when he broke into Star Reach Studios. He knew how to make his injected code very difficult to trace, and he knew where to go to avoid getting caught. He”s on the loose, and none of them know yet just how serious his breach was.

Thinking that not logging out is nothing more than a minor glitch on a new game, Hikaru and Yuzuki decide to try out the combat system. Their first try wasn”t overly successful with figuring out how to play. Even worse than getting bit by bacon is Hikaru getting his first male “admirer”.

Yuzuki leaves Hikaru on his on so she can get some items to heal him. That gives Leon just the opportunity he needs to go talk to the cute Moon Elf girl.

Leon gives Hikaru some advice for using a bow and arrow… Uh, Hikaru? … That”s not a quiver rubbing up against your butt. If anything, that”s Leon”s arrow poking into your quiver.

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transforming my roommate-13

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When Barbara”s suspicion grows, Jamie rushes to find an opportunity to get out of that situation. Rather than coming clean, he just pretends that there”s nothing serious wrong.

Jamie makes a simple mistake that causes him to discover that his girlfriend”s clothes actually fit him better than his own.

Jamie”s moodiness, distant behavior, and lack of performance in the bedroom has been steadily damaging his relationship with Barbara.

This transformation is really taking it”s toll on Jamie. He resists so hard now, but will he end up enjoying his future life if he just accepts it?

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