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Lorraine isn”t the only one in New York City with powers.

The sisters behind Indy Panda have taken an interest in Caroline”s locket. Uh-oh…

Alba is too honorable to take the locket, but Elsa doesn”t look like she minds having to use magic to get what she wants. Look out for her, Oliver!

After a long week of work as Caroline, Oliver gets to kick back and enjoy his date with Nydia. Surely nothing will go wrong now that he”s back to normal. Surely.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly finds out that the doppelganger she met in California was actually Chris. She”s not upset at all, in fact she”s touched that he would do that for her. Maybe she will want him to pretend to be her sister more in the future.

Holly has an idea Chris should have thought of: combining aspects of various girls” faces into one. It would essentially be a more detailed version of what Chris did with Christina. Holly could have a lot of fun with her magical boyfriend, and maybe Chris could even enjoy it.

Chris describes what it”s like to be a woman, and in a surprising level of detail. Could Chris enjoy being a member of the fairer sex more than he”s letting on? He certainly doesn”t find it horrible.

Chris might not be the only one with a secret. What could Holly be hiding?


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Even Lorraine isn”t a hundred percent sure what”s going on in Oliver”s head. She”s created a monster. A very sexy monster.

We”re only on page 74 and we”ve already got love pentagons going on.

Well, you”ve been transformed into Caroline, the only way you can change back is out next to Grayson, and you backed yourself into a bathroom you can”t escape from.

Nice cover up, Oliver. Or lack of coverup with that towel.


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Fortunately for Chris, Holly didn”t run out of the room and scream, or pass out, or call him a monster. She also promises to keep his secret. Holly is understanding in why he wouldn”t tell her, or anyone else about this.

Holly is surprised with how sexy Chris”s female form is. Is she jealous of her boyfriend having a better body that her? It”ll be interesting to see her reaction when Christina is done.

Holly sees first hand just how real Chris”s magical power is when he joins the womanhood club right in front of her. She”s extremely surprised with how much his “Christina” form looks like him, and how hot his female body is. Now that he is a she, what”s next?

It”s Holly”s turn to surprise Chris when she says she wants Chris to go on their date as Christina. She”s got so many questions to ask (9001, in fact), and wants to hear about Chris”s time with using his power. Chris is reluctant to go through with this, but does it for Holly. Why would she want him going out like that?


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Lorraine is enjoying her mother-daughter day much more now that Oliver isn”t quite acting like himself.

Clothes shopping, dating, girl-talk, oh my!

Interestingly, even though his mind is thinking like Caroline, Oliver is still aware of who he is. Not only is he self-aware but he has all his memories.

I”m too distracted by panel 1 to write a description.


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While waiting on Chris, Holly decides to look through Chris”s pictures on his phone. After skimming through a bunch of a innocent ones, she comes across one Chris never should have taken. Chris may not be able to worm his way out of this one.

Holly thinks that selfie of Christina is a picture of a girl Chris is cheating on. Considering the picture was taken from HIS phone, and very recently, it”s hard to dispute what she thinks. Chris now has a decision to make: lose Holly, or reveal his secret.

The only way to save his relationship with Holly is to tell her the truth. Because the truth is absurdly ridiculous, Chris must show her. Someone finally knows Chris”s secret.

It”s impossible to think Chris is lying now. He can transform, and he”s got the cute face to prove it. Now that she knows he didn”t really cheat on her, how will she react to this even bigger shock?


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It”s time for Oliver to learn the ins and outs of being a woman!

Lorraine trains her “daughter” in the fine art of makeup.

Oliver”s attitude is rubbing Lorraine the wrong way. She”s not someone you want to aggravate.

It seems Lorraine was lying when she said she had no control over those personality shifts.


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This seems to be the last straw for Chris. He never wants to use his power again. He vows that he will get rid of all his women”s clothing, and never put anything on again. Is this the end of the series? Is this the final chapter of Chris and his journey?

Chris is happy to give up his power to go back to the normal life he was living before. However, will he stay committed to never using it ever again?

Holly and Scarlett discuss various things as they bond over cooking. One big question remains for Chris.

Holly and Scarlett continue to enjoy their bonding experience, and turn their discuss to the upcoming homecoming dance, which she and Chris are favored to win homecoming King and Queen. With the baking done, Chris and Holly are in for a wonderful night out… Or are they?


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Between eating meat and masturbating to his male friends, Oliver is probably going to throw up after he starts thinking like himself again.

After having fun with her body, Oliver gets a frisky idea for something to buy.

Lots of fun stuff happens on this page. I”m totally not in a rush trying to post this before I”ve got to go to some appointment at noon.

Let”s just say that steak wasn”t the only hunks of meat that Oliver was enjoying last night.


Different Position Comics-39

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The situation is getting hot and heavy in the backseat of the taxi. Mark;s getting more bold, and Scarlett is enabling him. How far can Chris be pushed, or is his iron will going to finally give in?

Oh-oh. Now that they”re home, how is Chris going to get out of this one? Will he finally get caught when two Scarlett”s come face to face? There couldn”t be a worse time to be discovered.

Chris is in the home stretch of escaping his biggest challenge yet. Only feet from freedom, Chris is struggling to control his body. Who will have a say on which bedroom to go into?

There”s some confusion between Mark and Scarlett in their drunk states. Mark can”t figure out why Scarlett lost all interest all of a sudden, but he doesn”t try to force himself on her after she said no. Chris has escaped by the skin of his teeth. However, unlike his other bad outings as a woman, this one looks like it will causes repercussions for Chris. How will this change things?