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Lorraine is piling on unprecedented success for “Caroline”. Oliver better get used to being a busty blonde because he”s about to start spending much more time like that.

Lorraine confirms that Oliver”s personality doesn”t immediately change back after using the locket. However, that side effect doesn”t seem nearly as bad after Lorraine says she might have a career-making gig for Caroline.

Despite already being a male model, Oliver still feels outclassed by his friends and peers. If not being as strong as them was embarrassing, wait until Lorenzo starts talking about the hot blonde he met last week.

Yay! A fifth hundredth page. There wasn”t anything super special for this comic page, like some past comics, but I do have another treat for you. Here”s the cover page of Godmother remade with the cast from Different Perspectives!


Different Position Comics-48

Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly is determined to get her boyfriend back. After going toe-to-toe with Christina, she managed to turn Chris”s head back. Is there something wrong with Chris?

Christina is gone and Chris has waken up from his sleep, however, he gets a rude awakening. He finds out Christina is a real person who can control him like any other woman. This time was different because he was asleep and couldn”t fight back against her.

Chris has a right to be concerned. He”s never had a girl controlling him without being able to remember it or fight back. The best idea they have is that Chris was asleep when Christina finally appeared.

After sneaking out from Holly”s the next morning, Chris is having another boring day at his job when an interesting guest shows up. It”s Holly”s former lesbian lover, Kayla. More surprisingly, she”s Chris”s new co-worker.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

By the end of the night Oliver is finally feeling enough like himself to get the job done.

One week later, Oliver is hanging out with a vastly different girl than Nydia.

Brooke is in need of a female model who is willing to volunteer her time for Brooke”s website project. Luckily, Oliver happens to “know” a girl who would be interested.

That”s a weird coincidence that Oliver”s phone who ring at the same time that Brooke called Caroline…


Different Position Comics-47

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Oh, and new the new Awakening animation is out! 😀 I”d admit the second one wasn”t terribly good, but I think you”re really going to enjoy number three.

The more Holly chats with Christina, the more she believes that this woman is the female version of Chris. Nothing here seems out of place to Christina, who”s none the wiser about her male half. Christina could cause a lot of trouble if she was set loose… Maybe leaving her unsupervised isn”t a great idea.

Christina can”t get a date to save her life, although, that might have something to do with the fact that she”s never really around. Should Derrick ever actually met her, I bet she”d get asked out pretty damn quickly. Christina makes a discovery while looking through what she thinks is her phone. Chris thinks Christina is incredibly sexy, and it seems the feeling is mutual.

Holly”s back with Chris”s clothes. She might have them, but it”s going to be tough to force Christina into them. When Christina shows her sexual interest in Holly”s boyfriend, it gives her more than enough motivation to free Chris.


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Oliver”s grossed just from having to kiss a woman. For the first time in his life he”s rooting to not get lucky on a date, and unfortunately for him, Nydia doesn”t screw around when it comes to screwing around.

Oliver keeps trying to stall to buy his mind more time, but his date wants a piece of him now. What”s he going to do when he can”t get it up to Nydia?

Oliver has the most embarrassing blowjob of his life when he needs to think about sucking a man in order to get aroused. However, his problems don”t end there.

Nydia give the best blowjob Oliver”s ever had and what does he do? He wants her to teach him her techniques! At the rate he”s going, Oliver will be putting Nydia”s deepthroating advice to use sooner rather than later.


Different Position Comics-46

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Chris has his first orgasm as a woman, and he”s really enjoying it so far. He”s thinking that lesbian sex with Holly could become a regular thing, although it wouldn”t completely replace straight sex.

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Chris puts his foot down on saying no to Holly”s “toys”. They”ve been having sex for long enough, and Chris is exhausted. You could say they”ve been at it for TOO long. Remember about those side effects?

Christina has woken up in the place of a sleeping Chris. I don”t know who”s more shocked: Christina who wakes up naked in bed with her friend, or Holly seeing her boyfriend acting so strange. However, Holly remembers that one side effect of Chris transforming.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Oliver is trying to stall to give his mind to start thinking normally again, but his date wants to make sure that she”s not dealing with a gay guy.

Oliver is still grossed out by women rather than feeling attracted to them, but he does his best to fake interest.

Oliver”s mind is learning from Nydia on how to dance as a women. Clearly he”d much rather be the one in the red dress and heels.

Even Nydia”s sexy body isn”t able to generate a reaction out of Oliver. In order to get himself aroused, Oliver has to resort to fantasizing about being with a man!


Different Position Comics-45

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No wonder Holly wasn”t jealous of Christina”s voluptuous body when she first saw it. If anything see saw great opportunity. Chris tried creating the perfect body, and now Holly has the honor to break it in. This is going to be a wild sleepover.

It”s pretty evident where things are going from here. Holly and Chris are about to have some fun.

Chris is having a wild time experiencing what sex is like as a woman for the first time. Meanwhile, this is a win-win for Holly. She gets lesbian sex, and her boyfriend will become a far more experienced love-maker once this is over with. He”s about to know exactly want makes a woman feel good.

Chris is getting a rude awakening on how good sex is as a woman. He”s probably regretting taking this long to try it. Holly better take it easy or else she might not have a boyfriend anymore.


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Notice : Release every 3 days

Oliver seemed fine at first, but on closer inspection, things may not be alright with him.

After spending all day as Caroline, Oliver”s personality had shifted into hers by the end of his workday. However, changing back into himself doesn”t mean his mind immediately shifts back.

Oliver realizes that he”s still got Caroline”s personality and interests! It”s going to be hard to him to have a date when he spends more time checking out the bartender than he does for Nydia.

If you thought dating a guy as a woman was bad, try dating a woman while having the sexual preferences of a woman.


Different Position Comics-44

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Holly”s god a surprise of her own. She”s secretly bi. No wonder she was so open to Chris being able to turn into a woman. She saw great opportunity in Christina. Now some fun should begin for these two.

Holly”s been bisexual for several years, but has always kept it secret because of her parents. It”s hard to tell who is more excited about this development, Chris or Holly.

Chris and his power are a perfect match for Holly. She can have a big, strong man, or a sexy, curvy girl. Hell, she could even have her pick of whatever girl she wanted in theory. Things will get interesting between these two.

Chris has never had a chance to experience sex as a woman, and it seems he”ll finally have a chance now. Holly would be very happy to help him with that. It”s time for a “sleepover” at Holly”s.