Mysteria Adventure-6

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At least Hikaru didn”t notice that Leon”s ears weren”t the only things big and pointing up. With Hikaru not knowing what it”s like to have a guy hit on you, this isn”t exactly a scene that Yuzuki is going to be thrilled about walking into.

It”s better to assume that you”re brother is clueless about girls, Yuzuki. Hell, he”s even more clueless about BEING a girl. As for Leon, he”s happy to find out that the girl Hikaru is with isn”t her boyfriend… But that”s not all.

Yep! That hottie who was making your ears erect (and maybe some other body part), she”s actually a guy, Leon. Hikaru is a unisex name.

While Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon go check out a disturbance in Rivertown, a new person has just got themself an NVR…


transforming my roommate-14

Notice : Release every 3 days

Give Scott some credit, assuming your roommate is magically turning into a girl is not the first thing you”d guess.

With their relationship on the brink, Barbara starts to weigh her options when she doesn”t hear back from Jamie.

Jamie finally mans up and calls Barbara.

Jamie will tell Barbara what”s going on in several days. The question will be just how much more feminine is he going to be by then?


Different Position Comics-86

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The nine Bloodlines are finally revealed. Each one specializes in it”s own branch of magic, and each Bloodline has it”s own Mastery Spell.

With Chris and Christina agreeing to the plan, Isabel”s family gets to work on creating Christina. It will take several weeks for it to be completed. What trouble will Chris and Jessica get into now that they know they have powers?

Chris and Jessica have begun their novice training under the tutelage of Isabel, Norah, and Sebastian. They are practicing together on New Years Eve, and beginning to handle the most basic of magic. Oh, and Jessica”s all excited to go to her mother”s party in order to meet hot guys

Oh-uh, the trouble started from the first sentence. Isabel”s number one rule while training them? “Don”t skip ahead.” What”s Chris doing? Skipping ahead.


Mysteria Adventure-5

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*Grey Mask* knew exactly what he was doing when he broke into Star Reach Studios. He knew how to make his injected code very difficult to trace, and he knew where to go to avoid getting caught. He”s on the loose, and none of them know yet just how serious his breach was.

Thinking that not logging out is nothing more than a minor glitch on a new game, Hikaru and Yuzuki decide to try out the combat system. Their first try wasn”t overly successful with figuring out how to play. Even worse than getting bit by bacon is Hikaru getting his first male “admirer”.

Yuzuki leaves Hikaru on his on so she can get some items to heal him. That gives Leon just the opportunity he needs to go talk to the cute Moon Elf girl.

Leon gives Hikaru some advice for using a bow and arrow… Uh, Hikaru? … That”s not a quiver rubbing up against your butt. If anything, that”s Leon”s arrow poking into your quiver.


transforming my roommate-13

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When Barbara”s suspicion grows, Jamie rushes to find an opportunity to get out of that situation. Rather than coming clean, he just pretends that there”s nothing serious wrong.

Jamie makes a simple mistake that causes him to discover that his girlfriend”s clothes actually fit him better than his own.

Jamie”s moodiness, distant behavior, and lack of performance in the bedroom has been steadily damaging his relationship with Barbara.

This transformation is really taking it”s toll on Jamie. He resists so hard now, but will he end up enjoying his future life if he just accepts it?


Different Position Comics-85

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While Sebastian focuses on who placed the spell on Chris, Norah is trying to figure out Christina. Both have ideas to what happened, but they need to see Christina to be sure. The problem is that they didn”t bring any of Christina”s clothes with them.

Christina”s creation was nothing more than a side effect of Chris”s enchantment, making her essentially an accident. If he never turned into a female version of himself, she would have never been created. However, there”s a more startling discovery than that…

Getting what you want the most is never easy, but that doesn”t mean you should give up in trying to reach it…

Things are seeming bleak when it comes to curing Christina and Chris, but Isabel has been quietly thinking in the background. Her parents are impressed about her plan (whatever the Hell it is), but one part of it is something none of them can do… Although Isabel has been getting taught by a secret tutor, and claims she can do the spell.


Mysteria Adventure-4

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It seems that the launch day of Age of Adventurers isn”t going as smoothly as planned. The creators of AOA, Star Reach Studios, have blackout during their big launch party. This can”t be good…

The blackout to the building was simply a diversion. While everyone was distracted with the power outage, a hacker broke into the main server room of the game. That hacker looks a bit familiar…

While Hikaru was busy creating a blue bombshell of an elf avatar, his sister created a male character! Yuzuki wasn”t going to tell herself get sexualized by a game”s overly sexy armor, and instead created a warrior named Terrick. Seems that “little sis” is all grown up now.

Heavily embarrassed by his sister because of the character he made for himself, Hikaru tries logging out in order to make a new male character. However, the logout button doesn”t work… Probably just a minor glitch.


transforming my roommate-12

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Scott and Jamie”s bodies have been around the same size recently, but Scott is already surpassing Jamie is some areas. Jamie still has the height advantage, but don”t expect that to last forever.

Jamie is forced to downgrade his wardrobe once again, and this time it”s his shoes. He”s now a couple sizes closer to being able to slip on some heels 😉

An intimate moment is cut short as Barbara brings up her growing concerns about their relationship.

Barbara has a chance to examine her diminishing boyfriend for the first time in weeks. Will Jamie come clean with what”s happening to him, or will he keep her in the dark?


Different Position Comics-84

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Rather than waste time with telling Jessica and Holly about magic, it”s faster for her to simply show them real power. Quite the shock to see for the first time.

Jessica is not good at taking surprising information. However, imagine what she could do once she learns she has powers. Chris might have more to worry about than just Christina.

Confirming Isabel”s suspicion, Jessica takes after their father as well, and she takes the news a lot better than Chris does. With Jessica and Holly up to speed, it”s time to get some answers from Isabel”s parents.

After Christina finally loses her patience, the gang heads out to give us our first look at Isabel”s home and her parents. Will Norah and Sebastian have the answers they are looking for?


Mysteria Adventure-3

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That”s right Hikaru. That girl with the amazing body you just created is going to be YOU in a matter of moments. Suddenly those huge breasts don”t seem like that good of an idea. Hell, maybe you just should have made a male character.

It”s weird that a video game would be so accurate with it”s character anatomy. Hm, I wonder if the plumbing down under is fully armed and operational? Oh, and by the way Hikaru, you”ve got boobs now. Although, you probably noticed that yourself. Those things are hard to miss.

Leena”s body has been successfully transferred to Hikaru”s body. Now in the skin of his hot Moon Elf creation, all he”s missing is “her” armor.

Talk about an out-of-body experience. Hikaru now has the body of his character, Leena, while his real body gets scanned away into the game system. Although, what”s the big deal about accidentally picking a girl model? You can just log out and make a new one. Right?