Mysteria Adventure-27

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Arachnophobe Yuzuki isn”t ready to even look at a spider the size of a semi-truck. Without her to shield it”s attacks, this Death Boss fight looks like it will be a short one.

The “girls” fall one by one to Darkweb Queen shredding them to pieces. Their one savior is the only real girl in the group.

After their long journey the gang has finally done it. Their quest comes to an end as they are now able to finally leave Mysteria forever.

The group has defeated the boss and are on their way home after their long journey.


transforming my roommate-35

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s all set for her big interview tomorrow. As she settles down in bed, Barbara”s words are tempting her to finally explore her new body.

Jamie has worked up the courage to explore her new body and is absolutely LOVING the sensation of breasts.

The Fox is making his first active role since the very start of the series. It seems that he”s VERY unpleased about Barbara getting in the way of Scott and Jamie”s future.

The Fox isn”t being motivated by the simple wishes Jamie and Scott made in the very beginning, but has much greater plans that go far beyond these three.


Mysteria Adventure-26

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It”s time to suit up! And by “suit up” I mean gender bender.

Hikaru finally calls out his sister for her hypocrisy of making their player avatars sexy.

While the group is bickering over their bodies, Chris Young proves to be the unlikely voice of reason.

A couple of days later the group finally reaches the Death Boss”s lair. In the center of a giant circular room is portal that will seemingly take them back to the real world. All that stands between them and that is a 16 foot tall spider.


transforming my roommate-34

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie has no idea who her date was, or that she is the “mutual friend” in question. Jamie ends up giving advice to Barbara that might hurt Jamie”s chances with Scott.

Jamie can”t help herself as she starts having girl talk with Barbara about her date.Jamie may not want to admit it, but there might be some new interests bubbling up inside her.

Don”t be so sure about not being interested in men, Jamie. So far you”ve already had a few incidents where you felt “odd” around Scott.

Jamie has apparently been too scared to play with her body because it might of accelerate her transformation.


Mysteria Adventure-25

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Leon and Nick soon find themselves a bit “tangled up” in bed.

Leon got all worked up over a sexy dream, and now Nick is finding himself now having a similar dream. However, it”s a bit different from what he”s used to.

All hell breaks loose after Nick wakes up to find that not only is he back in girl form, but Leon”s been spooning him all night.

This time it isn”t Nick on the receiving end of a slap to the face. Before things get out of hand, Hikaru gets this show on the road.


transforming my roommate-33

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Scott puts a break on this situation before it gets out of control. Maybe a little time to cool off and think about this will do him some good.

As resistant to the whole process as she is, Jamie has been doing a marvelous job at learning the ropes of womanhood.

Jamie”s getting her makeover from Barbara. She might be in a grouchy mood, but she”s shocked to see that her driver”s license picture is coming true. Supermodel incoming!

Jamie how could you possibly look more beautiful and sexy than you already do? No wonder any man with eyes is checking her out. Hopefully the guy handling her interview feels the same way.


Mysteria Adventure-24

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Some in the group aren”t sure if they should treat this “Chris” guy.

Tomorrow they face the Death Boss. If they”re going to trust their lives to each other, then why not spend an evening to enjoy themselves and get to know their group better?

After a long day, it”s time for some sleep.

It”s fun when a page can have no words and still be entertaining.


transforming my roommate-32

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Barbara sits Scoot down to find out what”s going on, and it seems that he is conflicted about how he feels towards her and Jamie.

Barbara has convinced Scott that nothing will ever happen between him and Jamie because she is really a straight man on the inside.

Has Scott really fallen for Barbara?! Wasn”t it destined from the very start that Scott and Jamie would end up together?

Scott is enjoying being an attractive man for the first time in his life. His new body has driven a busty brunette wild with lust.


Mysteria Adventure-23

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Nick and Leon sleeping together? That”s almost worse than brother and sister. At least Cynthel is quick-witted enough to get out of that mess.

It all comes together… Hikaru has figured out why Cynthel has been so secretive this whole time.

This is it. We”re about to find out who Cynthel is, one way or another.

Cynthel finally takes off her mask.


transforming my roommate-31

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Scott retreats to his bedroom to relieve himself after the lust takes over. Fantasy Jamie is there to “assist” him, and proves to be quite the sexy vixen.

You”d never guess by looking at her now, but Jamie did used to be a man, so it”s making things very confusing for Scott

The night Barbara has been looking forward to is finally here. Scott is turning into quite the handsome man, and Barbara wants him badly.

Scott always wanted a date with a super hot woman, and now that he”s got one he actually doesn”t know what to do.