Mysteria Adventure-40

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Leona”s got an idea on how to fix their curses! But, is it actually going to work?

Now that the gang is back together they set out to go cure Nikki and Leona. Well, getting there might be a bit of an issue for Leona.

Back in the real world, the creator of AoA, Russell, is going about his daily life still unaware of what”s going on inside of his own game. However, one member of his family just tried playing it…

Despite how much Russell publicly downplayed the hacking incident, he knew it could potentially be very dangerous. He hasn”t gone into the game himself since it launched, and asked his son to do the same.


transforming my roommate-41

Notice : Release every 3 days

Scott”s finally working up the courage to make a move on Jamie. Will she turn him down or be willing to experiment?

Scott”s hopes of getting with his incredibly sexy roommate have been shot down in a flash. We don”t know if these two will ever end up together, but Jamie is not ready for it at the moment.

Jamie”s quite mad about Scott going behind her back like he did. She might be in a woman”s body, but she can still slap as hard as a man. Will their friendship overcome this fight?

Jamie”s letting Barbara and Scott continue to date, but she is clearly not pleased with either of them right now. She might end up regretting her decision to let Scott go later on.


Mysteria Adventure-39

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Now that both Leona and Nikki are cursed as girls, the Mother Faerie reveals that her curse on them is permanent! Get used to it, girls!

The cavalry is here! With the group finally reunited, that Mother Faerie is going down! Wait… uh… Hey, can you guys go away until the Faeries can put Leona and Nikki into maid costumes? Pretty please?

Finish her! Fatality!

Here”s the finale for The Great Jason Maverick Trilogy!


transforming my roommate-40

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie finds a comforting shoulder to cry on, but this time she”s short enough to nuzzle her face into Scott”s broad chest. He proposes a day out together for Jamie to get back into touch with her real self, and she eagerly jumps on the idea.

A day out with Scott turns out to be the great stress relief that Jamie has sorely needed over the past few weeks. Maybe now she”s starting to understand that she can still have just as much fun in life as woman.

Jamie is keeping all the interests she had as a man, but new womanly interests are being added to her personality. She”s relieved that she isn”t being overwritten by some strange woman.

Jamie has been hiding an outfit of mass destruction underneath that sweater. She”s picked a hell of a time to let it loose as well.


Mysteria Adventure-38

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Meanwhile Hikaru and Yuzuki meet back up in the real world. Hikaru tries to convince his sister to ask herself out on a date.

Page 147 of Maker”s Game.

Meanwhile in the Halls of Justice, Nick is handling the little faeries well, but might not be able to stand up to the might of the Mother Faerie.

Being a girl is already bad, but turning into a girl version of your real self? Now that”s got to be worse. Heyo Nikki!


transforming my roommate-39

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s adorable blush is getting turned up to eleven on this page. You can”t blame the clerk for assuming that. Those two really do look like quite the cute couple.

Even if Jamie isn”t showing too much interest in Scott yet, she is starting to become much more comfortable with shopping and women”s clothing.

Something very strange has come over Jamie as she walks by a shoe store. Scott”s right, this is nothing like the way she would normally behave.

Something is clearly wrong as Jamie starts to feminize herself without the influence of Barbara or the Fox. Scott”s able to snap her out of it, but will the Jamie we all know and love get overwritten?


transforming my roommate-38

Notice : Release every 3 days

Jamie”s body is charming men everywhere she goes. He soon-to-be-boss wants a piece of her and her roommate can”t help but admire what she”s turned into.

Jamie”s becoming more and more sexy as time goes by, and Scott is struggling to contain himself around his roommate. He knows that his best friend is really underneath that blonde beauty.

Jamie”s finding out that her roommate is getting the attention of every woman he comes into contact with. Scott could go out and splurge on hot sex with strangers, but he”s waiting for that one special girl to take his heart.

Jamie”s looking a lot more comfortable in Erica”s Secrets than she did the first time she went. Is she going to be more willing to buy some sexier and more feminine pairs?


Mysteria Adventure-37

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Chris pleads with Isabelle to believe him, but the *other* Chris is the one who wields his powers now. The real Chris stood no chance, and now finds himself back in the game.

Hope may not be totally lost. Isabelle is now starting to doubt “Chris”. Meanwhile, Leon finds himself in quite the terrible circumstance!

Damn Leon, you would have been hot if you were born as a girl. You”d be checking yourself out every two seconds.

Leon has officially become Leona! However, will Nick be saving him, or… joining him?


Mysteria Adventure-36

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After 133 pages of being vague about the name of his “girlfriend”, we finally see who it”s been.

Chris is reunited with the girl who can save him, but it”s not the warm reception he was expecting. His sisters couldn”t tell, but Isabelle can see right through what he is.

The man of the hour is here! Chris has been away from his friends and family for entire week, and nobody”s even known. Chris isn”t all too pleased to see his doppelganger taking his place in life.

It would certainly explain how the world has never known about what”s going on in AoA. People are still living their normal lives on the outside, and taking the NVR helmet is impossible when their souls are no longer in their bodies. Who”s creating all these fake souls? Where are the real ones going? Why do all this?


Mysteria Adventure-35

Notice : Release every 3 days

Just like the good, old days Chris starts dressing up in his sister”s clothes when Jessica herself walks in.

It”s Halloween, so of course you need to dress up in a costume, Chris. Preferably the sexier the better.

Jessica used Confuse Ray on Chris. Chris is confused. Chris hurt himself in confusion. Chris has fainted!

Don”t worry Chris! The Hero of Time will save you!