Mysteria Adventure-69

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Everything was going swimmingly for Nick until Aywin”s guards find out from an informant about who she really is. Shockingly, Aywin knew she was lying the whole time.

Aywin is fine with who Nikki really is. Not only that, he”d like her to work for him as his assassin, which she happily accepts.

Before Nikki can settle down with her hunk elven prince, she receives the same note that the others got earlier about saving Chris. Aywin offers her a new set of armor and a mount to get her to the Source Zone in time.

The group finds the entrance to the Source Zone with the help of their new dragon pet and are soon met with Grey Mask”s defenses.


Mysteria Adventure-68

Notice : Release every 3 days

Only eight hours remain until Chris”s life is stolen, and everyone”s souls inside AoA are destroyed.

With things never looking bleaker, the remaining group suddenly finds that they have an unexpected ally out there who seems to understand what”s going on. Who sent could have possibly sent the dragon and the note?

The trio is brought up to speed on what”s happening in the Source Zone and now know they have no choice but to save Chris. Although, does the name “Logan” ring any bells to anyone?

While everyone has been dealing with life and death drama, Nick is waking up at the crack of noon in the arms of a naked man.


Mysteria Adventure-67

Notice : Release every 3 days

Meanwhile in the Source Zone, Chris finds himself in the same fate that he doomed “Steelclaw” to. What will happen to Chris now that he”s at Grey Mask”s mercy?

Grey Mask finally reveals his plan.

Grey Mask has strived for seventeen years to find a way to become a sorcerer, and AoA was his key to doing it. Out of the nine bloodlines, Emerald was the one he wanted to be the most, which is bad news for Chris…

So far nobody is Chris”s life has noticed that he was replaced weeks ago, but would his family and friends still not notice when Grey Mask transfers his soul into Chris”s body?


Mysteria Adventure-66

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After getting on Hikaru and Leon”s case over them being pervs and staring at women, Yuzuki finds herself unable to stop herself from doing those same things as a man.

They create a tent to shelter themselves from the rain and to change into dry clothes. Sexual tension and hijinks ensue.

Being around a busty girl in nothing but a wet t-shirt and panties makes Yuzuki realize how much hormones control a person”s body and mind. She”s now acting like Leon himself used to act when they first met.

Just as Leon and Yuzuki start to have some light flirting and sexual tension, Hikaru has to barge in and ruin everything. Also, Hikaru would be amazing at Cinemasins. *Ding!*


Mysteria Adventure-65

Notice : Release every 3 days

Well, we know exactly what the Wanted Players are now.

Chris didn”t stand a chance against a level 100 Grey Mask and is quickly overwhelmed. When he”s knocked unconscious to be brought back to the Source Zone, Yuzuki and Leon don”t raise a finger to save the person who betrayed them.

Yuzuki makes the dumb mistake Leon made in the past of not knowing when to keep her mouth shut. It would be best to avoid aggravating a sensitive villain with all the control in the world.

Yuzuki gets a copy of the gender-bending curse, turning her natural self into a man. Even worse (or better), Grey Mask creates a wardrobe malfunction for Leona.


Mysteria Adventure-64

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Chris is desperate enough to do what he”s asked in exchange for freedom. It”s a very difficult decision to make, but Chris believes he”s doing what”s right. To him, the needs of many outweigh the needs of the few.

As Grey Mask and his minions are recovering the Steelclaw”s body, Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon suddenly appear to help the wanted player. Catching Chris red-handed doing Grey Mask”s bidding, they outraged.

Chris can consider himself invited from the group. Now it”s a three on one battle.

Chris was nearly able to defeat all three of them, but a tactical sacrifice by Hikaru gives them the momentary opening they needed to defeat Chris.


Mysteria Adventure-63

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Since he”s nothing more than software, Aywin can have sex as many times as Nikki asks him to. She decides to enjoy his endless stamina all night long.

The day after Nikki”s magical night, the rest of the group is hard at work to level up and get stronger.

The first Wanted Player since Chris made his deal with Grey Mask appears. It seems that he”s committed to killing this person as he sneaks off from the group.

Steelclaw is at quite a disadvantage facing off against Chris. Will Chris have the heart to “finish the job”?


Mysteria Adventure-62

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As Aywin and Nikki start undressing each other, he finds the daggers she was keeping hidden under her skirt. Although, Aywin seems to have a dagger of his own stuffed into his pants.

Nick, now essentially Nikki, continues delving deeper into the pleasures of womanhood. It increasingly looks like she won”t be going back to her old ways after this.

Nikki”s losing her virginity tonight. Just a few weeks or even days ago she would be disgusted with the thought of having sex with a man, and now she”s having the time of her life.

Am I the only one who is wondering what a half-elf looks like?


Mysteria Adventure-61

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Prince Aywin is quite the impressive ladies man. After spending an evening of deep conversations, fine wines, and teaching this beautiful woman how to dance, he makes a move on her. How will Nick respond?

Nick finally gives in and stops resisting. Nick has really been enjoying getting to know Aywin, so who cares if he”s a guy? No one he knows is there to judge him. Nick was sent there to seduce him, and in the end he seduced HER.

After glimpses of womanhood from his experiences with Leon and the bath tub, Nick decides to experiment further now that he”s found a man he really likes. A handsome, wealthy, personable prince is a good place to start.

Nick is going through with it!


Mysteria Adventure-60

Notice : Release every 3 days

If this scene were animated, I could guarantee that there would be a makeover montage that ended with a shot of her slowly walking down some stairs in her new dress.

We meet the handsome sun elf prince that Nick has been sent to assassinate as well as he new fabulous dress. This should get interesting.

It turns out that Prince Aywin is quite the witty charmer. He”s also very thoughtful, and teaches Nick a valuable lesson about life. How will Nick do on his mission against assassinating him?

Nick was sent her to charm him, but who is seducing who in this situation? Aywin is the one who”s charming the pants off of her.