mysteria adventure-82

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Hm, perhaps the two emerging couples are starting to get hints about what”s going on between the group members.

Tonight is sure shaping up to be interesting.

Hikaru and Nikki unlock the Hot Coffee Mod of Age of Adventurers.

Nikki has certainly coaxed Hikaru to come out of his shell.


mysteria adventure-81

Notice : Release every 3 days

While everyone else is off flirting and screwing around, Chris is the only one focused on preparing for their rescue mission. Also, he gets a call from Russell.

Chris and Russell discuss what to do to fight Grey Mask, but Russell isn”t willing to take the risk to help out. Will Chris”s idea work?

While having a lovely dinner together, Nikki pushes the envelope further Hikaru. Even he knows what she clearly wants from him, and plays it cool when the hot blonde starts playing footsie with him.

Yuzuki and Leon walk up to the dinning table when they just so happened to be eating in the same restaurant. With his sister right there, Nikki decides to tease poor Hikaru. “Poor Hikaru”? Perhaps “lucky Hikaru” is more like it.


mysteria adventure-80

Notice : Release every 3 days

Nikki is having fun trying on women”s clothes when her imagination gets… imaginative.

Nikki continues to take strides into enjoying womanhood, and she”s glad to have someone to talk to about her complicated personal feelings.

It”s a proven fact! The more your armor reveals, the more protection it provides!

Sure, we were expecting Nikki and Hikaru to go on a date, but Nikki tempting Hikaru to experiment with his girl form? Interesting…


mysteria adventure-79

Notice : Release every 3 days

Yes Hikaru, Nick is into guys. Was that fifteen minute make out session not enough of a clue? Although, Nikki raises an interesting point. Are these feelings she has caused by the game or are they her own desires?

Now we”re cooking with gas!

Yuzuki and Leon are out shopping for clothes and armor when the conversation takes a turn.

Yuzuki and Leon have got brand new sets of armor, but more interestingly have set up a date.