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Lorraine is enjoying her mother-daughter day much more now that Oliver isn”t quite acting like himself.

Clothes shopping, dating, girl-talk, oh my!

Interestingly, even though his mind is thinking like Caroline, Oliver is still aware of who he is. Not only is he self-aware but he has all his memories.

I”m too distracted by panel 1 to write a description.

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Different Position Comics-41

Notice : Release every 3 days

While waiting on Chris, Holly decides to look through Chris”s pictures on his phone. After skimming through a bunch of a innocent ones, she comes across one Chris never should have taken. Chris may not be able to worm his way out of this one.

Holly thinks that selfie of Christina is a picture of a girl Chris is cheating on. Considering the picture was taken from HIS phone, and very recently, it”s hard to dispute what she thinks. Chris now has a decision to make: lose Holly, or reveal his secret.

The only way to save his relationship with Holly is to tell her the truth. Because the truth is absurdly ridiculous, Chris must show her. Someone finally knows Chris”s secret.

It”s impossible to think Chris is lying now. He can transform, and he”s got the cute face to prove it. Now that she knows he didn”t really cheat on her, how will she react to this even bigger shock?

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It”s time for Oliver to learn the ins and outs of being a woman!

Lorraine trains her “daughter” in the fine art of makeup.

Oliver”s attitude is rubbing Lorraine the wrong way. She”s not someone you want to aggravate.

It seems Lorraine was lying when she said she had no control over those personality shifts.

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Different Position Comics-40

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This seems to be the last straw for Chris. He never wants to use his power again. He vows that he will get rid of all his women”s clothing, and never put anything on again. Is this the end of the series? Is this the final chapter of Chris and his journey?

Chris is happy to give up his power to go back to the normal life he was living before. However, will he stay committed to never using it ever again?

Holly and Scarlett discuss various things as they bond over cooking. One big question remains for Chris.

Holly and Scarlett continue to enjoy their bonding experience, and turn their discuss to the upcoming homecoming dance, which she and Chris are favored to win homecoming King and Queen. With the baking done, Chris and Holly are in for a wonderful night out… Or are they?

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Between eating meat and masturbating to his male friends, Oliver is probably going to throw up after he starts thinking like himself again.

After having fun with her body, Oliver gets a frisky idea for something to buy.

Lots of fun stuff happens on this page. I”m totally not in a rush trying to post this before I”ve got to go to some appointment at noon.

Let”s just say that steak wasn”t the only hunks of meat that Oliver was enjoying last night.

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Different Position Comics-39

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The situation is getting hot and heavy in the backseat of the taxi. Mark;s getting more bold, and Scarlett is enabling him. How far can Chris be pushed, or is his iron will going to finally give in?

Oh-oh. Now that they”re home, how is Chris going to get out of this one? Will he finally get caught when two Scarlett”s come face to face? There couldn”t be a worse time to be discovered.

Chris is in the home stretch of escaping his biggest challenge yet. Only feet from freedom, Chris is struggling to control his body. Who will have a say on which bedroom to go into?

There”s some confusion between Mark and Scarlett in their drunk states. Mark can”t figure out why Scarlett lost all interest all of a sudden, but he doesn”t try to force himself on her after she said no. Chris has escaped by the skin of his teeth. However, unlike his other bad outings as a woman, this one looks like it will causes repercussions for Chris. How will this change things?

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Oliver can”t quite get out of there without his personality slipping. Now Lorenzo”s got her number and she owes him a favor.

By the time Oliver gets home, any trace of her male personality is gone. What”s worse? A straight guy setting up dates with other guys, or a vegan eating meat?

The odd thing is that Oliver can”t tell that he”s acting differently. He”s expecting the personality change, but can”t tell what he”s doing is wrong.

Oliver was too weirded out this morning at masturbating as Caroline. Now that his personality has shifted, he”s got no such inhibitions. However, something has changed…

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Different Position Comics-38

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Things weren”t going that well for Chris before, now things will only go downhill now that Scarlett is gaining more control. What”s worse? Being forced to drink at the bar, or heading back out to the dance floor?

Chris is only losing more control over his body, and Scarlett is all over Mark as they dance. There isn”t even much Chris can do with the body parts he still controls. When Scarlett pushes his face into Mark”s, Chris is the one who must do the kissing. With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, Chris has no choice but to make out with a man.

Everything from a corrupting female mind to the physical pleasures of his body are trying to sway Chris, but he”s doing his damnedest to resist. Chris has got a plan to get away, but is he even the one in control anymore?

Things couldn”t be getting much worse for Chris. He is finally heading home, but he”s stuck in the backseat of a taxi with Mark. His body is becoming more grab happy and out-of-control by the minute.

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The longer Oliver spends as Caroline, the more his personality shifts. How will he fare as the afternoon wears on?

Caroline and Lorenzo get down to work on their cover photo.

Nice work if you can get it.

Oliver was kind of rooting that Caroline wouldn”t never get another job so he”d stop turning into her. However, between Lorraine and Lorenzo, Caroline is getting hooked up with new gigs left and right.

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Different Position Comics-37

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Chris is absolutely furious with himself over what just happened. To make matters worse, he”s nowhere close to returning home and leaving this mess. When wondering about what to do, Chris gets a call… Who could it be?

Scarlett is the one who called him. There”s good news and bad news. Chris might have an opportunity to slip away when they get home. The bad news? Scarlett might call Mark any minute, if she hasn”t already.

With the risk of the real Scarlett about to call Mark, Chris does what it takes to get Mark”s phone away from him. Chris can actually be a good flirt when he needs to be, and he certainly knows how a man”s brain operates. With that taken care of, he”s got to get Mark drunk.

As Mark gets more and more drunk, Scarlett Chris is staying surprisingly sober through each round of drinks. Mark catches on, and thinks it isn”t fair in their drinking contest that her drinks aren”t strong enough. Normally he wouldn”t force his girl to drink, but he”s far from sober at this point.

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