Mysteria Adventure-74

Notice : Release every 3 days

Nick is wondering if his feelings and attractions are being caused by the game or from his own mind. Who better to ask than someone else who”s been trapped as a girl for weeks?

Hehe, yeah, it”s not like Nick would ever have sex with some guy…

Hikaru is upset that Nick ruined his first kiss by his love potion forcing him to kiss Chris. So… Nick decides to make it up to him.

Hm, Nick seems awfully generous to want to make it up to Hikaru by giving him his first kiss with a girl.

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Mysteria Adventure-73

Notice : Release every 3 days

The party flees northwest to the city of Easglen. Everyone is incredibly tried from a long day, but Chris remembers something as they take put on their origin masks. He can cure them of their curses!

As Chris changes Hikaru, Yuzuki, and Leon back to normal, Nick scurries off without any of them knowing. It turns out that Nick doesn”t quite yet want to give up his Nikki body. He actually wants to keep it for a bit longer.

Hikaru nor Nick can sleep, so they decide to go for a midnight dip into Easglen”s hot springs. Interestingly, Nick lies about why he”s still Nikki.

Nikki and Hikaru decide to let loose and have a late night swim in the hot spring.

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Mysteria Adventure-72

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The party finds the seventeen artists formerly known as Wanted Players, and those witches and warlocks have no reason to trust them. However, Grey Mask is their real enemy, so they agree to go with the party.

Grey Mask is done playing around. He can do whatever he wants, including summoning 100 foot tall Colossi. Good luck getting out of this one.

With Chris unable to move, he and CherryBlossom work together to teleport everyone to outside of the city.

With a plan set to split up, the original party of five is back together. I guess you could say “Unite the five”.

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Mysteria Adventure-71

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A pale looking Chris is unplugged from the soul extraction device. With him free, he”s got a lot of explaining to do to his non-blood friends about what the hell is going on.

Is Grey Mask unstoppable against any character in the game? Yes. Is he unstoppable against a real sorcerer? We shall see. Chris isn”t giving up his body and life without a fight.

Man, Chris has really learned his stuff over the last two years. The warlock doesn”t just hold his own against Grey Mask, he beats him at his own game.

Chris explains to group about who he and the wanted players are, and what Grey Mask wanted with him. Even if Chris is saved, Grey Mask could use one of the other seventeen sorcerers to swap bodies with. I”m pretty sure at least two of them won”t be happy to see their group.

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Mysteria Adventure-70

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At first the group does well against Grey Mask”s minions, but are quickly defeated once he shows up. Hikaru”s new pet is slaughtered, and the group finds themselves trapped in prison with the former admins.

All is lost for Yuzuki, Hikaru, and Leon with Grey Mask only an hour away from getting what he wants and terminating everyone in AoA.

At their darkest hour, the fierce rogue makes her return by saving the day! Surely freeing them from certain doom will be enough for them to forgive Nick”s past transgressions and let him/her back into the party?

ikki frees them and she”s welcomed back into the group with open arms. Once free, the admins decide to distract Grey Mask so that the party can go save Chris.

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Mysteria Adventure-69

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Everything was going swimmingly for Nick until Aywin”s guards find out from an informant about who she really is. Shockingly, Aywin knew she was lying the whole time.

Aywin is fine with who Nikki really is. Not only that, he”d like her to work for him as his assassin, which she happily accepts.

Before Nikki can settle down with her hunk elven prince, she receives the same note that the others got earlier about saving Chris. Aywin offers her a new set of armor and a mount to get her to the Source Zone in time.

The group finds the entrance to the Source Zone with the help of their new dragon pet and are soon met with Grey Mask”s defenses.

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Mysteria Adventure-68

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Only eight hours remain until Chris”s life is stolen, and everyone”s souls inside AoA are destroyed.

With things never looking bleaker, the remaining group suddenly finds that they have an unexpected ally out there who seems to understand what”s going on. Who sent could have possibly sent the dragon and the note?

The trio is brought up to speed on what”s happening in the Source Zone and now know they have no choice but to save Chris. Although, does the name “Logan” ring any bells to anyone?

While everyone has been dealing with life and death drama, Nick is waking up at the crack of noon in the arms of a naked man.

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Mysteria Adventure-67

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Meanwhile in the Source Zone, Chris finds himself in the same fate that he doomed “Steelclaw” to. What will happen to Chris now that he”s at Grey Mask”s mercy?

Grey Mask finally reveals his plan.

Grey Mask has strived for seventeen years to find a way to become a sorcerer, and AoA was his key to doing it. Out of the nine bloodlines, Emerald was the one he wanted to be the most, which is bad news for Chris…

So far nobody is Chris”s life has noticed that he was replaced weeks ago, but would his family and friends still not notice when Grey Mask transfers his soul into Chris”s body?

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Mysteria Adventure-66

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After getting on Hikaru and Leon”s case over them being pervs and staring at women, Yuzuki finds herself unable to stop herself from doing those same things as a man.

They create a tent to shelter themselves from the rain and to change into dry clothes. Sexual tension and hijinks ensue.

Being around a busty girl in nothing but a wet t-shirt and panties makes Yuzuki realize how much hormones control a person”s body and mind. She”s now acting like Leon himself used to act when they first met.

Just as Leon and Yuzuki start to have some light flirting and sexual tension, Hikaru has to barge in and ruin everything. Also, Hikaru would be amazing at Cinemasins. *Ding!*

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Mysteria Adventure-65

Notice : Release every 3 days

Well, we know exactly what the Wanted Players are now.

Chris didn”t stand a chance against a level 100 Grey Mask and is quickly overwhelmed. When he”s knocked unconscious to be brought back to the Source Zone, Yuzuki and Leon don”t raise a finger to save the person who betrayed them.

Yuzuki makes the dumb mistake Leon made in the past of not knowing when to keep her mouth shut. It would be best to avoid aggravating a sensitive villain with all the control in the world.

Yuzuki gets a copy of the gender-bending curse, turning her natural self into a man. Even worse (or better), Grey Mask creates a wardrobe malfunction for Leona.

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