Different Position Comics-32

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is probably really happy he can”t get an erection right about now. What goes on in the girl”s locker room is like a dream come true. For the first time, his power seems really awesome to any man.

After an experience that will inspire many hours of daydreaming in Chris”s future, he waits around long enough for all the other girls to clear out. With his knowledge of the coaches and locker rooms, he easily gets into Miss Turner”s locker.

Chris has completely turned into Miss Turner, well, not completely due to missing bras and panties in her locker. It”s no problem for Chris because he can keep on Holly”s, giving a subtle upgrade to his already sexy teacher. The bigger twins make getting the password all the easier… Too easy in fact.

After a run-in with a student needing help, Chris has discovered that becoming a woman gives him their knowledge. As Miss Turner, he has become just as good at math as she is. This leads to a far better solution to his problem: take the exam again as her.