Different Position Comics-33

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is blazing through his exam when the school”s principle, Miss Hairfield, walks in. Everything seems normal at first, however, it seems Miss Turner and Principal Hairfield have a secret relationship.

There”s nothing that would make Principal Hairfield believe this woman isn”t her lover, expect maybe for a larger pair of breasts. On the other hand, Chris knows this is bad, but has little choice in getting out of this. He can”t blow his cover as Miss Turner.

Things are getting hot and heavy between Chris and the principal. She starts pleasuring him, which gets a reaction from the Miss Turner in his system. Can Chris stop this and remain faithful to Holly, or is Miss Turner going take over this show?

Miss Turner is starting to take away Chris”s control over his own body. He doesn”t want to do this, but is becoming powerless to stop it. However, Miss Turner isn”t the only mind in his body. Can he overcome Miss Turner and stop this?