Different Position Comics-42

Notice : Release every 3 days

Fortunately for Chris, Holly didn”t run out of the room and scream, or pass out, or call him a monster. She also promises to keep his secret. Holly is understanding in why he wouldn”t tell her, or anyone else about this.

Holly is surprised with how sexy Chris”s female form is. Is she jealous of her boyfriend having a better body that her? It”ll be interesting to see her reaction when Christina is done.

Holly sees first hand just how real Chris”s magical power is when he joins the womanhood club right in front of her. She”s extremely surprised with how much his “Christina” form looks like him, and how hot his female body is. Now that he is a she, what”s next?

It”s Holly”s turn to surprise Chris when she says she wants Chris to go on their date as Christina. She”s got so many questions to ask (9001, in fact), and wants to hear about Chris”s time with using his power. Chris is reluctant to go through with this, but does it for Holly. Why would she want him going out like that?