Different Position Comics-44

Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly”s god a surprise of her own. She”s secretly bi. No wonder she was so open to Chris being able to turn into a woman. She saw great opportunity in Christina. Now some fun should begin for these two.

Holly”s been bisexual for several years, but has always kept it secret because of her parents. It”s hard to tell who is more excited about this development, Chris or Holly.

Chris and his power are a perfect match for Holly. She can have a big, strong man, or a sexy, curvy girl. Hell, she could even have her pick of whatever girl she wanted in theory. Things will get interesting between these two.

Chris has never had a chance to experience sex as a woman, and it seems he”ll finally have a chance now. Holly would be very happy to help him with that. It”s time for a “sleepover” at Holly”s.