Different Position Comics-48

Notice : Release every 3 days

Holly is determined to get her boyfriend back. After going toe-to-toe with Christina, she managed to turn Chris”s head back. Is there something wrong with Chris?

Christina is gone and Chris has waken up from his sleep, however, he gets a rude awakening. He finds out Christina is a real person who can control him like any other woman. This time was different because he was asleep and couldn”t fight back against her.

Chris has a right to be concerned. He”s never had a girl controlling him without being able to remember it or fight back. The best idea they have is that Chris was asleep when Christina finally appeared.

After sneaking out from Holly”s the next morning, Chris is having another boring day at his job when an interesting guest shows up. It”s Holly”s former lesbian lover, Kayla. More surprisingly, she”s Chris”s new co-worker.