Different Position Comics-49

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is having an increasingly awkward time at work. Not only does he have to work with Mark (who he still has problems being around after a few weeks ago), but now he also needs to work with his girlfriend”s ex-girlfriend.

While having a causal conversation with his new coworker, Chris experiences something he hasn”t before: female thoughts as a guy! Thoughts all sound the same to Chris, so he can only tell if they aren”t his based on what they say. He”s not sure what he was thinking, but doesn”t suspect Christina.

Holly calls Chris back over to her place a few days later, but won”t say why. It soon becomes clear why she was being so secretive.

As much fun as two Hollys would be, Chris really doesn”t want to go out dress shopping with her. However, Holly really knows how to get her man interested. Hook, line, and sinker.