Different Position Comics-50

Notice : Release every 3 days

Chris is going back into Holly form, but with Holly”s help for the first time ever. She”s going to enjoy having a pretend sister for a while. Although, this is a pretend sister she could “experiment” with later on if she wanted to.

Holly”s amazed with not only his transforming body, but the end result. He”s a perfect clone of her. Even Mr. Jingles is amazed, that or wildly confused about what”s going on.

Chris and Holly pull a funny trick on her dad as the two of them leave. Little does he know that one of them actually isn”t his daughter. Good thing he doesn”t look outside and see two Hollys making out.

On the way to the store, Chris asks Holly something he”s been pondering for the days. What was her first lesbian experience like? Now we all get to know.